Yesterday was my 29th birthday. I have now begun the last year in my 20’s. I’m officially older that what I thought was old when I was little. 27 was my age for whatever reason. Of course, at 27, everyone was married and had children. Well, at 29, I am now married, but no children yet. Eventually.

Last week, I in the mail, I got a postcard from Starbucks telling me that if I stopped by on my birthday, they would make me any drink I wanted as a birthday present. Yes, please. Hey Dunkin…looking for loyal customers? Hint, hint. So, I stopped by in the middle of my meeting packed day with a co-worker to get a skim, chai latte. Always a skim, chai latte. Being a non-coffee drinker, it’s all I get there. My free drink had two adorable surprises that really brightened my day. The first was very simple. You know when the barista takes your order and you give them your name? Generally, they scribble some name that is entirely different than what you said. On mine, in perfectly patient handwriting was: Happy birthday Melissa! With a smiley face. So simple, but made such a big impact on me. The second was, Starbucks apparently has Valentine’s Day cups now and I have to say, I am pretty sure I like them more than the holiday cups. I want to go back every day just to see their adorable Valentine’s Day cups. Starbucks, I was never a brand ambassador for you, just someone who stopped by when I was given a gift card. For this week, if not more, you have convinced me to tell everyone I know how much you’ve pleased me…and I will probably always boast that you gave me a free drink on my birthday. Bravo.


I ended up having to stay late at work last night and when I got home, my sweets husband was halfway done making me chicken parmesan. He had also picked up a cupcake from Magnolia for me. He’s so thoughtful. Dinner was fantastic and I have saved the cupcake for today. Can’t wait to bite into that buttercream frosting!



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