Chris Brown should NOT have performed at the Grammy’s

What is wrong with our society, y’all? How is Chris Brown back on top? Sunday night while watching the Grammy’s, I expressed to the hubs that I hated that Chris Brown was performing at the Grammy’s. Why?! Why did his album debut at number 1? Why do people love him still? I LOVED him about 5 years ago. Loved. That all changed that night before the Grammy’s that he beat Rihanna up. I’m sure she’d like any attention to that night to go away and for people to forget that it happened, but I can’t. I won’t. I cannot stand for people to support a woman beater. Not only support, but idolize. Just look at these reactions from Twitter to CB at the Grammy’s. They make me ill.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sasha at Hello Giggles seems to have broken into my mind and put my thoughts out on her blog for all to see here. Well, all except for the supporting Planned Parenthood part. (There are plenty of other organizations that provide cancer screenings for women, but don’t provide abortions.)

Also, so glad celebrities spoke out against the Academy. Chris Brown beats women.


One response to “Chris Brown should NOT have performed at the Grammy’s

  1. I totally agree and it sickens me that so many people blamed Rihanna for what he did and how many stupid females are saying that put up with it to be with him.

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