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I must admit, I am 100% out of touch with gas prices. Living in New York and not owning a car or driving does that to you. Maybe if I was an investment banker or even remotely interested in the stock market I’d have a better idea? In my head, a gallon of gas should cost $2.50 because that’s what it cost the last time I drove, but I can remember gas costing $0.99 which makes $2 a little more of what I think it really ought to cost. In reality, it’s what, $4 a gallon? Clearly, this is like monopoly to me. It’s not real.

Unfortunately, for so many people I know, this is a very real, very upsetting part of every day life. As a product of the rise in the price of gas, several friends have posted about riding or buying bikes on Facebook, which I am more than supportive of. I love it! I want a bike so badly and I would get one if I wasn’t certain I’d be hit by a cab and die. Some day, when we leave New York I’ll get a bike. 1. Because I’ll want to go on bike rides with my children like my parents did with me. 2. Because it’s healthy. 3. Because, in my idealistic mind, I’ll ride it to work which will keep me healthy and save me gas money. (I’m aware there are also environmental benefits, but if I’m being completely honest, that’s not at the top of my priority list, money, not sitting in rush hour traffic, and health are.)

All these posts and comments from friends have made me start thinking about the kind of bike I’d like to get when I get one. Something in a fun color. A hybrid – not like a hybrid car, but a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. I’m not going to be competitively racing, nor will I been in the woods. Something under $700 and over $300. I feel like this puts me in the not exorbitantly expensive but not poor quality area. Don’t misunderstand, however, this does not mean I won’t buy something on sale or discounted. I want a name I know and something that has good reviews. I will probably end up with a Trek, but who knows. Just in looking around for pictures for this post, I found many manufacturers are making “Town” bikes. I’ll definitely be researching more before buying, but here are a couple that caught my eye:


Third week of March outfits

Here are my outfits from this last week!


Print blouse – Boden (2011)
Cardigan – Target (2010)
Pencil skirt – Banana Republic (2010)
Pumps – BCBGirls via Nordstrom (2008)
Necklace – Aldo

3/4 sleeve sweater – Express (2004)
Cardigan – J Crew
Pencil skirt – J Crew (2009)
Wedges – Steve Madden (2005)
Necklace – Anthropologie (2011)
Belt – Express (2007)

Striped button up – Polo Outlet
Skinny jeans – Loft (2011)
Blazer – Ann Taylor (2005)
Necklace – made by me at Femmegems
Suede Pumps – Nine West (2012)


Thursday didn’t make an appearance this week. And I am still working out the picture taking with the hubs. I love how his angle on Friday makes it look like I have clown feet.

Tank – BP via Nordstrom (2010)
Sweater – Express (2005)
Jeans – AG via Anthropologie (2012)
Necklace – Claire’s (2006)
Moccasins – Steve Madden (2012)

Tank with pedals – Club Monaco (2011)
Sweater – Banana Republic outlet (2008?)
Skinny jeans – Loft (2011)
Necklace – J Crew (2011)
Boots – Steve Madden (2010)


Happy Spring! I have to admit that every year when the weather turns warmer and the sun gets closer, I go into full on nesting mode. I open my windows, rock out to some music and clean the heck out of my living space. I’m talking piles of things to keep, donate and throw away. I spent an hour and a half last night reorganizing my closet. In this nesting madness, I can’t resist the urge to update some of the decorations in my space. It’s the same feeling I get when spring comes along that makes we want to update my wardrobe with bright new skirts and short sleeve, flowey tops.

I haven’t been completely happy with the decor in our current apartment since we moved in. I think it’s the rug we have in the livingroom. It’s mostly maroon and has a bit of a traditional, Victorian look to it. Our decor in the livingroom, for the most part, is beiges and tans. I want to replace the rug with a neutral, light tan and find some awesome colorful pillows that can be changed out at will to brighten everything up and change the mood. I really feel like these small changes will make such a difference.

Check our some of the pillows I’ve been eying!

Via LookHereJane on Etsy

Via SweetStitch on Etsy

Via FestiveHomeDecor on Etsy

Via ClassicByNature on Etsy

Via Kyoozi on Etsy

So many fun pillow options!

Second week of March outfits

In putting my pictures together this week, I realized most of them are blurry, which is really disappointing. Usually these pictures are rushed in the morning or taken in the evening after the sun has gone down. I don’t always look at them immediately after they have been taken, which I should. These posts are still fairly new for me and I am still figuring out the best way to go about them. Please bear with my blurriness this week.


For book club and running about town, I wore this on Sunday.
Red jeans – AG via Anthropologie (2012)
Striped Thermal – Gap (2007)
Scarf – NYC street vendor
Shoes – Steve Madden (2012)


No. 2 pencil skirt – J Crew (2012)
Striped tank – H&M (2012)
Jacki Cardi – J Crew (2012)
Black beaded necklace – Aldo (2006)
Belt – H&M
Shoes – Steve Madden (2012)

Pink sparkly tank – Express (2006)
Sweater – Victoria’s Secret (2008)
Straight leg jeans – Loft (2011)
Snake skin pumps – BCBGirls via Nordstrom (2008)
Watch – Michael Kors via Nordstrom
Necklace – made by my mom for my wedding day

Chambray shirt – J Crew (2011)
Jackie Cardi – J Crew outlet (2009)
High waisted pencil skirt – Banana Republic (2006)
Belt – H&M (2012)
Pumps – Aldo (2011)


No. 2 Pencil skirt – J Crew (2012)
Tee – H&M (2010?)
Necklace – made by my mom
Pumps – Valentino via Nordstrom (2011)
Scarf – Target (2008?)
Ladybug Flats – Fossil


Blouse – J Crew (2012)
Straight leg jeans – Loft (2011)
Snake skin pumps – BCBGirls via Nordstrom (2008)
Necklace – Anthropologie (2012)
Belt – Express (2007)
St. Patrick’s Day manicure!!

Scarf Love

I am currently trying to distract myself from all the light, beautiful springy scarves that I have subjected myself to and then forbidden myself to buy. My internal dialogue is currently going something like this:

Winey, lacking self-control self: “But they’re so pretty and I waaannntt them.”
Rational self: “I know, but $200 just isn’t justifiable.”
WLS-CS: “But what if I have a gift card??”
*rummages through purse in a vain attempt at finding gift cards to purchase scarves with*
WLS-CS: “But they’d make me so happy.”
RS: “Yes, and then the hubs would lock me in a closet.”
WLS-CS: “But we could hide them from him.”
RS: “Riiight, he wouldn’t see me dance around with wear them every single day.”
WLS-CS: “Well, at least I would get a lot of use out of them.”

This has been going on all day. Someone, please donate these to my cause.

Meet DVF.

Now, meet Marc.

I’m in love.

What I wore this week

Here’s the compilation of what I wore this week!


Jeans – Loft (2011)
Floral shirt – Old Navy (2010)
Sweater – J Crew (2012)
Moccasins – Steve Madden (2012)

Wide leg pants – Express (2006)
Pin stripped button up – Express (2008)
Cardigan – Express (2008)
Peep toe pumps – Aldo (2010)

Bright pink top – J Crew (2012)
Salmon colored No. 2 pencil skirt – J Crew (2012)
Necklace – J Crew outlet (2010)
Bangle – Claire’s (2007)
Platform wedges – Steve Madden (2012)


Dress – H&M (2010)
Blazer – Ann Taylor (2005)
Striped Tights – Target (2008)
Platform wedges – Steve Madden (2012)
Locket necklace – Aldo (2007)

Red jeans – AG via Anthropologie (2012)
Top – Anthropologie (2012)
Moccasins – Steve Madden (2012)

Skirt – H&M (2010)
Dark grey sleeveless blouse with bow – Club Monaco (2010)
Cardigan – Express (2005)
Black tights – Hue via Nordstrom Rack (2011)
Platform wedges – Steve Madden (2012)

I have decided after a few weeks of this little project of mine that I need to go on a J Crew diet…as much as it might pain me.

This weeks outfits


Last weekend the in-laws were in town. This is what I was found traipsing around town in.

Skinny jeans – Loft (2011)
Striped shirt – H&M (2010?)
Tan sweater – Banana Republic outlet (2009ish)
Scarf – Old Navy (2011)
Camel boots – Steve Madden (2010)

Grey sweater – BCBGMaxazria via TJ Maxx (2010)
White tank – BP via Nordstrom (2010)
Red jeans – AG (2012)
Black boots – Steve Madden (2010)
Earrings – J Crew (2011)
I french braided my hair down both sides of my head and put into a messy bun at the nape of my neck.


Dress – H&M (2011)
Red tank – Express
Black cardigan – Banana Republic (2011)
Necklace – Banana Republic outlet (2010)
Black tights – Spanxx via Amazon
Black pumps – Steve Madden (2012)

Tuesday – I unintentionally had a very J Crew day
Skirt – J Crew (2010?)
Ruffle tank – J Crew (2010?)
Chambray shirt – J Crew (2011)
Cardigan – J Crew (2011)
Brown tights – Target
Grey boots – Aldo (2010)
Watch – Michael Kors
Necklace – Femmegems

Shirt – Gap from about 8 years ago
Navy Jackie cardi – J Crew
Green No. 2 pencil skirt – J Crew (2012)
Necklace – made by my mom
Navy pumps – Target (2010)

Dress – Target (2009?)
Grey tights – Target
Camel boots – (2010)
Scarf – J Crew (2011)

Black tank – Express
Jackie cardi – J Crew (2011)
Skinny jeans – Loft
Brown boots – Aldo (2009)
Animal print belt – J Crew (2012)
Watch – Michael Kors
Earrings – NYC street vendor

White tank – BP via Nordstrom (2010)
Grey Long sleeve tee – J Crew (2009)
Long tan cardi – H&M (2010)
Leggings – Express and Target (I wear 2 pairs since leggings tend to be borderline see through)
Camel boots – Steve Madden (2010)

Realizing how much of my clothing is from the same few stores. I just find it so easy to go to the places that are near where I work or that are tried and true. Wish I had the guts to order things from Asos or ModCloth, I’m just scared to buy things online that I can’t try on.