Scarf Love

I am currently trying to distract myself from all the light, beautiful springy scarves that I have subjected myself to and then forbidden myself to buy. My internal dialogue is currently going something like this:

Winey, lacking self-control self: “But they’re so pretty and I waaannntt them.”
Rational self: “I know, but $200 just isn’t justifiable.”
WLS-CS: “But what if I have a gift card??”
*rummages through purse in a vain attempt at finding gift cards to purchase scarves with*
WLS-CS: “But they’d make me so happy.”
RS: “Yes, and then the hubs would lock me in a closet.”
WLS-CS: “But we could hide them from him.”
RS: “Riiight, he wouldn’t see me dance around with wear them every single day.”
WLS-CS: “Well, at least I would get a lot of use out of them.”

This has been going on all day. Someone, please donate these to my cause.

Meet DVF.

Now, meet Marc.

I’m in love.


One response to “Scarf Love

  1. The joys of living in NYC! I’ve never had this problem. The only scarfs I wear are $20 and all sport my favorite soccer team on them… Real Salt Lake. They get great use from March – October, several times a month. From October – February, they keep my face from freezing off as I’m walking to my car. Good luck with the scarf dilemma!

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