Purple Chevron Infinity Scarf

If I have no inspiration, I have a difficult time getting dressed. I am usually inspired by something I see on tv, something I see someone else wearing, the seasons, past outfits I’ve put together – something. I rarely, if ever, walk into my closet without an idea for an outfit and end up feeling cute that day. My best outfits have outside inspiration. Occasionally, however, I’ll dream something up that I don’t think I’ve seen before and it works out great.

The same thing happens with me and knitting projects. Occasionally a pattern will really strike me, or sometimes I’ll go home and recreate something I’ve seen in a store, but other times (like the scarf I’ve just finished), I’ll dream something up based on something else.

Last year when I went to San Francisco for my birthday, I stopped in a knitting shop near my friend’s house and picked up some lovely purple yarn by Misti Alpaca, not knowing what I was going to do with it – as knitters do.

Earlier this spring, when I was just starting my infatuation with all the bright colors the stores were coming out with and all the spring scarves out there, I decided I wanted to make myself a scarf with my purple yarn to wear through the spring. I’ve also been really taken by chevron lately and I haven’t really seen any chevron scarves out there. Trendy but something only I have? Sounds right up my alley.

So, here’s what I ended up with. It’s so soft and warm and lovely. Maybe a little long, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate that in the fall when I can wrap it around my neck three times.

I adapted a pattern from Knit and Purl. I found something I liked and worked it into this infinity scarf pattern. I love having something like this that I know no one else has.


One response to “Purple Chevron Infinity Scarf

  1. I love this scarf. You got the pattern from the knit and purl book? I’d love to try making one. I have a chevron obsession.

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