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Chris Brown should NOT have performed at the Grammy’s

What is wrong with our society, y’all? How is Chris Brown back on top? Sunday night while watching the Grammy’s, I expressed to the hubs that I hated that Chris Brown was performing at the Grammy’s. Why?! Why did his album debut at number 1? Why do people love him still? I LOVED him about 5 years ago. Loved. That all changed that night before the Grammy’s that he beat Rihanna up. I’m sure she’d like any attention to that night to go away and for people to forget that it happened, but I can’t. I won’t. I cannot stand for people to support a woman beater. Not only support, but idolize. Just look at these reactions from Twitter to CB at the Grammy’s. They make me ill.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sasha at Hello Giggles seems to have broken into my mind and put my thoughts out on her blog for all to see here. Well, all except for the supporting Planned Parenthood part. (There are plenty of other organizations that provide cancer screenings for women, but don’t provide abortions.)

Also, so glad celebrities spoke out against the Academy. Chris Brown beats women.


2010 Oscar Fashion Review

So I watched the Oscars last night from red carpet to end. I was watching for a family member of mine who co-wrote and co-directed Up. When they won he didn’t even go on stage, just the other writer/director. Disappointing, but I’m so happy they won multiple awards!!!

I’m so happy Sandra Bullock won, and she looked so pretty last night! I loved the gold dress and the red lipstick with it. Her hair looked perfect – all in all, she and her stylist did a really great job. Her acceptance speech was so touching and she even threw a little comedy in there, she did a great job.

Jennifer Lopez also looked amazing. Her dress, by Armani Prive, was a very soft pink with beautiful detail that looked like big petals. I loved the dress, I want it.

I loved the huge bun Sarah Jessica Parker had, but her dress was awful. It looked like a sack…with a bunny tail.

Rachel McAdams looked great in this dressed that looked like it was painted in watercolors. I love the crisscross detail at the top that cinches in her waist. She looks good with any hair color – the blond looks great.

I loooooved Vera Farmiga in her fuchsia Marchesa ruffled gown. She looked amazing!

I did not like Zoe Saldana’s Givenchy Haute Couture gown. at. all. The pink sparkly corset top didn’t match the lavender skirt. The ruffles look like a junior high student cut up tissue paper and glued on little pieces – in fact, I think I did that in an art class when I was younger. There was just way too much going on with this dress, it didn’t look like it fit well around her hips and it looked a bit like an art project.

Carey Mulligan’s Prada gown that is embellished with crystals looks like a 1999 prom dress complete with asymmetrical hem line. Her look seems outdated to me – maybe it’s so fashion forward it looks old? Either way, I’m not a fan.

And P.S., what was up with George Clooney all night? He looked so pissed off. When everyone stood to give Mo’Nique (congratulations to her, btw) a standing ovation, he and his Italian lady friend remained in their seats. His hair looked bad too. It was all very odd.

It’s Yoda!

(Or Gary Coleman’s mug shot after being arrested for domestic abuse…)

AT&T Commercials with Luke Wilson

This weekend, while catching up on my football, I saw some new AT&T commercials with Luke Wilson in them. Maybe it’s that I really like it, but I really like these commercials. I like his voice. I love how he’s throwing postcards all over the map. That makes me sounds obsessed with him, but I promise I’m not. I just think the commercial is cute. It’s actually 2 commercials. The way I saw them was one was played, then some other commercial, then the second.

However cute, these commercials don’t change my dislike for AT&T. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint probably all have equivalent coverage across the country. It doesn’t change the fact that here in NYC, people with AT&T constantly drop calls, don’t get texts or voicemails and generally have problems getting phone coverage. I’m sure having the iPhone is great and all, but at the end of the day, it’s a phone. My cell is my only phone, and if it doesn’t function as what, we’ve got some problems.

Martha Stewart

Last week I went with some friends to see the Martha Stewart show. One of the girls had put in for tickets online and got some. She seems to be good at that – she was also picked in the raffle to run the NYC Marathon (I have other friends who’ve tried for 3 years and not gotten in).

The set of the Martha Stewart show was BEAUTIFUL. These are some of the pictures I took that don’t do it justice. It was really amazing. I want that set to be my house!

Pictures 005

Martha herself seemed a little awkward to me, although, I have to give her credit, she wore some amazingly tall heels – completely unexpected by me. She was definitely reading straight from the teleprompter the whole show – whereas I feel like most of the shows I’ve seen, the hosts definitely deviate from the prompter or know what is written well enough that they don’t really need to read it. Maybe that’s because people like Ellen, Conan, John Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, etc, are really involved in what is written for their shows. Maybe not so much in Martha’s case?

Pictures 006

Either way, going to the show was so interesting, and we got some great free stuff, Martha just seemed uncomfortable to me.

Pictures 007


Tbf and I try to run in the mornings before work and the last month or so there have been catering trucks outside of one of the buildings we run by. This morning I told him I knew Silvercup was out by where we live and that I wonder if that’s the building the catering trucks are by. He said probably. Then, when we ran by, I noticed the HUGE Silvercup sign on top of the building. There’s also a big awning that says Silvercup on it. I have to have noticed those before and just forgotten, it’s so hard to miss. Now I wonder if we’ll ever see Alec Baldwin or Tina Fey – Silvercup shoots 30 Rock. They also shoot Gossip Girl – but the only person I know on that show is Michelle Trachtenberg. I guess she’d be exciting to see at 7am.


Girl Crushes

So I discovered Taylor Swift in 2007 and fell in love with her music. It is widely known among my friends that I want to hang out and be best friends. She’s so cute and seems so sweet and fun!


The other night on the Jay Leno show I watched because Jennifer Garner was on. Then she was on Ellen, so I DVR’d that. I definitely have a new girl crush. She’s so funny and sweet! I also want to be best friends with her. It could happen.

Jennifer Garner on Ellen

The Ellen video was way better than Jay’s – you can find it here.