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Happy Spring! I have to admit that every year when the weather turns warmer and the sun gets closer, I go into full on nesting mode. I open my windows, rock out to some music and clean the heck out of my living space. I’m talking piles of things to keep, donate and throw away. I spent an hour and a half last night reorganizing my closet. In this nesting madness, I can’t resist the urge to update some of the decorations in my space. It’s the same feeling I get when spring comes along that makes we want to update my wardrobe with bright new skirts and short sleeve, flowey tops.

I haven’t been completely happy with the decor in our current apartment since we moved in. I think it’s the rug we have in the livingroom. It’s mostly maroon and has a bit of a traditional, Victorian look to it. Our decor in the livingroom, for the most part, is beiges and tans. I want to replace the rug with a neutral, light tan and find some awesome colorful pillows that can be changed out at will to brighten everything up and change the mood. I really feel like these small changes will make such a difference.

Check our some of the pillows I’ve been eying!

Via LookHereJane on Etsy

Via SweetStitch on Etsy

Via FestiveHomeDecor on Etsy

Via ClassicByNature on Etsy

Via Kyoozi on Etsy

So many fun pillow options!


Dinner Party Table Setting

This past weekend I had a dinner party and had this vision in my mind of what I wanted my table to look like. I was able to hit my vision almost exactly and was so happy with my table.

The table cloth was really tough to find, actually, because my table is so big. It’s a 4’x4′ square. I found the “outdoor” table cloth at Bed Bath & Beyond last year. The placemats I also had from BB&B. The napkins are brand new from Williams Sonoma. They were only $7 each. I was going to make napkins, but I was crunched for time and these probably turned out to be cheaper than the fabric I would have used. The name cards are from Martha Stewart. They took some time, but I loved them.

We had a couple of birthdays to celebrate, so I make a chocolate cake with yummy buttercream frosting, but the birthday boys didn’t know I’d made a cake, so I put it in the microwave to hide until after dinner. Great hiding spot, but bad idea with so much cooking still left to be done. The frosting ended up melting off the sides of the cake, which was disappointing, but it was still good!


My parents are coming this weekend, which means lots to do before then.

I need some lilacs (my favorite flower) and some white tulips on my dining table, stat! I always forget how much I love lilacs until spring rolls around and then I’m pleasantly surprised when I start seeing them around. It takes me back to the bushes we had in the yard when I was younger and how I could have spent all day with my nose stuck in a bush.

Photos found on Oh, Happy Day!

Ribbon Coat Rack


I am OBSESSED with this ribbon coat rack for £60 by UK company Headsprung. I can actually picture it just inside my door on this big blank wall we have. I really wish it was in the US and cheaper!

Furnishing my new apartment!

I just got a call from the delivery man saying he is ready to drop off my new table and chairs. Our new apt is so much bigger than the old one. I can’t wait to get home tonight and put these together while watching the Bachelorette!!

Dining Table

Yesterday I ordered this rug to go under it. I’m hoping it comes in by Friday. Exciting!


Apt Stuff

Last night I unpacked my last box. I still have some random piles of crap around my room that I need to sort through and throw away or decide what to do with, but for the most part, I’m done. Yay. It was my box with all my pictures and wall decorations. I had some frames in my old room on the windowsill and had some frames arranced to make a big rectangle on the wall. I also had a wall with all my crosses I’ve collected over the years just inside my door. I decided that on the wall in the hallway leading into my room, just inside my door this time that I wanted to hang all my frames and make a cool shape, so I did. Not sure what I’m going to do with the crosses yet – for now they’re on a shelf in my closet. This is what my frame arrangement looks like (Love!):

Picture Collage

I also found this idea in the latest issue of InStyle. I can’t find it anywhere online, so I took a picture of the page – ghetto style.

InStyle Wall Idea

I have always loved white boxes made from molding on colorful walls. This is a great, cheap, temporary solution. I wish I had a bold wall to do this on!

Things I bought for my apartment:

Got this lamp and night stand/accent table for tbf’s side of the bed from Target.

Got this rubber plant from the grocery store. Love it in the corner!