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No conference rooms at the office

This is what happens when your company converts all the conference rooms to offices.



He makes me laugh

From tbf:

someone was selling headphones on ebay
listed them $40 OBO
I offered $20
he countered at $36
I re-countered $5

So happy to be with someone who makes me laugh.

Baby Elephants Playing

It is spring in the Houston zoo which means baby elephants and baby elephants keeping cool. Adorable!


Me: I’m thinking about getting you this for your birthday, what do you think?
TBF: That’s cool. I might get you this as a thank you.

Male Christmas Present Idea

I was looking through Women’s Health’s list of gift ideas for the man in your life and I thought 2 of their ideas together would make a great themed gift…specifically perfect for my Dad.

This 6-pack Bottle Tote

And this set of Bottle Openers

Dick Chicken

I have no idea.

I was recently on my way home from somewhere. This is close to my apt and I found it funny. On the side of the USPS Storage Box, someone had written DickChicken. Hehe.


What do Hipsters and Marshmallows have in common?

They’re both white and soft! *Awesome!* According to Gothamist, the NYPD is apparently now calling Hipsters marshmallows. I couldn’t love the name more.

Hipster Scum