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The Weekend

I had a pretty busy weekend this weekend. A few of the things I meant to take and post pictures of, but that just didn’t happen.

Friday night we had our monthly girls’ dinner with the theme Havana Nights. Lots of yummy Cuban food…and wine was had by all. I left about 12:30 as a dance party was breaking out.

Saturday tbf and I babysat his 7 week old niece so they could go to a birthday party. We babysat her last weekend so they could go to a movie. Last weekend she was so good. This weekend she was so upset. It’s the most helpless feeling to know you’ve fed, changed and burped a baby, but still can’t get them to stop crying. I took pictures of the “Congratulations, you’ve been born!” hats I made for her, but forgot to download the pictures, so I can’t share them today.

I went to three classes at my toga studio this weekend. Friday night was an intermediate pilates class (before girls’ dinner), Saturday was a beginner/intermediate pilates class and yesterday was a beginners yoga class. Are we seeing a theme? I’m pretty comfortable with intermediate pilates classes, but yoga classes have to be beginner for a little while. So, I’m four days and four classes into my yoga challenge. So far, so good!


Yoga Challenge

So a few month (and posts) ago, I wrote about the Yoga studio I go to doing a 30 day challenge. I thought about doing it, but ultimately did not. Now, they’re at it again. This time is slightly different. You still have the option of 30 classes in 30 days, (which there’s no way I could do because I’m taking a five day vacation in two weeks), OR you can do a 90 day challenge where you must attend 70 classes in 90 days. This, so far (according to my calendar), I can do and last night I signed up.

I’m super nervous about it because I’m still very, very new to yoga and the idea of committing to doing something every single day for 90 days really scares me. I know I can do 40 – I’m Catholic and every year I commit to doing something extra or abstaining from doing something for 40 days. Cake walk. 90, however, is more than twice that and scares me. I’m going to need some serious support and encouragement around the beginning of March. I’m going to go every day I possibly can instead of trying to plan out the days I can miss because I’m sure things will come up or I’ll get sick or whatever.

At this point, 90 days is a head game for me. This is going to be my own, personal marathon.

Great News

So my family has this horrible genetic mutation (BRCA1) that wildly increases our chances of breast and ovarian cancer, among others (My mom’s mom and one of her sisters died from Ovarian cancer and my cousin, that sister’s daughter, had breast cancer at 30). There’s also a separate mutation that causes cancer of the duct between your liver and gall bladder (this is what my mom’s dad died from). I have been hounding my mom since my last aunt died 5 years ago to get tested to find out if she has the gene mutation. No point in my getting tested if she does not (because there’s no way I could have it), so the sooner she found out, the sooner I could be tested (since we were all 100% sure she had it).

She FINALLY got tested 2 weeks ago and received her results today. She is completely NEGATIVE for all 3 genetic mutations!!! This means her chances of breast cancer are normal, her chances of ovarian cancer are non-existent (because she had a preemptive hysterectomy in her mid-30s), and I’m normal too! No mid-30s hysterectomy for me, just a normal life with less worry. I’m so happy she was finally tested and I’m so ecstatic to know the results!!

Party party party!


I believe it to be a well known fact that canned products tend to contain a great deal of sodium. I just want to start out with that. If you don’t know this, google it, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a ton of information about the uprising over the last year of people opposed to these sodium levels. Oh, I should also include things like microwavable meals in this category (think tv dinner types – i.e. Lean Cuisine).


So yesterday I was waiting in the kitchen at the microwave to heat up my oh-so-yummy homemade chili. The girl I was waiting on pulled her microwavable bowl of Progresso soup out of the microwave, grabbed some salt from a bowl on the counter we keep condiments in and went on her way. I then proceeded to drink 5 gallons of water for her. I was amazed that someone would add salt to a canned soup and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, so I looked up Progresso’s sodium levels for this product. Between regular Progresso and Progresso Light, the lowest sodium level I can find in one of these cans is 680 mg (in the Chicken Wild Rice flavor). It ranges all the way up to 930mg (in Minestrone).

The daily recommended sodium intake (by the American Heart Association) is 1,000 mg per 1,000 calories you eat, not to exceed 3,000 mg per day. (To give some gauge, 2500 mg is about a teaspoon.) I can’t imagine getting half of my intake in one meal. Then there’s also the question, is there anything wrong with getting less than 1,000 mg per 1,000 calories per day? I’m going to go with no, but if you can prove me wrong, by all means.

Booger Wiper

Someone has recently taken to wiping their boogers on the back of one of the bathroom stall doors at work. I mean, seriously, the toilet paper is right there! It’s really gross. I’m considering putting a note on the back of the stall door similar to these.

AF Booger Note
Booger Note
booger note 2

Or maybe I should just join in? Maybe said person would enjoy the help?

Speed Up Your Metabolism

I read this article in my Women’s Health this month. I love that magazine. Because of this article I’ve been trying to drink more green tea. Really, any would be more because I can’t stand the stuff. I’m forcing myself to quickly down 2 cups a day. So gross. However, the health benefits far outweigh the face of disgust I make while drinking it. I kind of think if I drink it enough I will get used to it and maybe start to like it. Here’s hoping.


I was going to write this post a few days ago, but decided to keep the depressing stuff to myself. Until…

cancer cell

Tonight after work I was walking through Times Square to the subway. My parents called me and my mom said, “I’m here with Dad. I called to update you on Papa.” Papa is my mom’s dad whose 84th birthday is Sunday. He went to the doctor last week because he had been lethargic and not quite himself. The doctor apparently looked at him and said, you’re going to the hospital. He’s been there ever since. They didn’t know what was wrong with him and thought he was better and they were going to send him home. Then he threw up and forgot where he was and why he was there, regardless of how many times people told him when he asked.

It was finally determined to be a gall bladder infection. They were going to give him antibiotics and let him go home. Then next thing I know, mom calls me and tells me he just got out of surgery and that they took out his gall bladder – also, they determined he has cirrhosis of the liver (even though he’s definitely not an alcoholic).

When I got this call I was afraid she was going to tell me he had passed away suddenly – she sounded like she’d been crying. Instead she told me he does not have cirrhosis of the liver, it’s cancer. And it’s inoperable. He’s apparently going home tomorrow with hospice care.

I have so many questions – what stage is it? Usually hospice means it’s bad. Was it another form of cancer originally, or does he only have cancer of the liver? Are they going to treat it? It seems like most of these questions don’t matter because he is 84. Everyone seems to be thinking – well, a lot of people don’t live to that age – be happy, he had a good life. It’s really sad.

I think what compounds it is that we recently found out that my uncle who had esophageal cancer and beat it, now has lung cancer in both of his lungs. Then I found out my dad’s cousin, who is like an aunt, has 2 different kinds of breast cancer. My 31 year old cousin also recently beat breast cancer, and a few years ago, her mom (my aunt) died after 11 years of fighting ovarian cancer. (Update: Nearly three years after this post was written, I have been corrected, my aunt battled cancer for 6 year, not 11. Somewhere along the way I was misinformed.)

It’s just a little depressing tonight. Cancer is bad.