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Christmas Presents

I made:

A hat and scarf for Elissa

A wrap for me

A neck warmer for Natashia

I also made one of these in chunkier, black cashmerino for a gift exchange, but never took a picture. *pout*

An infinity scarf for Stephanie

And I don’t have a picture, but I gave Athena a pair of socks…they’re 3/4 done. Sorry, Athena! I’ll finish them soon and put up a pic then.


Another Expensive Hobby

When I was in Texas a couple of weeks ago I mentioned to my mom that I wished I had a sewing machine and that I would like to make a table cloth (because my table is too big to buy one for) among other things.


Friday I got an email from our front desk that I had a package. When I went down and got it, to my surprise, my mom had sent me something. I got upstairs, got it open, and there was my very own sewing machine! Yay! Not sure where I’m going to put it yet or how I’m going to finance yet another expensive hobby (Yarn costs me enough already!), but I’m excited about it. I have the basics of sewing down – I used to make myself pj pants and matching pillows in high school – now I just have to learn how to follow patterns and things. I would love to make a few people some aprons for Christmas!

Now I just need to get good scissors, stock up on thread & bobbins, and figure out where to buy fabric (other than the garment district because that is the surest way to go broke immediately).