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Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday, gluttons! I have been mulling over what to give up for Lent during the past few weeks. I traditionally give up junk food, which in my mind I don’t eat a lot of, so it makes me feel like I could take it a step further. Also, giving up junk food is a vain sacrifice, not something that makes me rely more on God or that promotes spiritual growth. For this yeah, I have been considering:

Junk food
Bread & Potatoes
Drinking everything but water
Eating out

Some of these things, as much as I would like to do them are just not a reality for me. I have decided on a combination of junk food, bread, potatoes, and cheese. Yes, this is in the same vein as the junk food vanity thing, but I LOVE cheese and ice cream and this combination will really be a sacrifice, rather than just a stricter diet. I am going to make a conscious effort to say a prayer every time I am faced with a temptation. and I’ve found cheese is in pretty much everything I eat, so it will be tough. No pizza, no sandwiches, no ice cream, no chips and salsa, no cheese on my salad, no fried, no mashed potatoes. Let the 40 days begin!

Oh, and speaking of prayer, I have also downloaded the Magnificat Lenten app and intend to read/do it each day.

I’ll miss all my friends who are giving up Facebook. See you all in 40 days!!


Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I decided to try to go festive and mixed my pink and red. I quite like it. What do you think?


Have a lovely (no pun intended) day!

Easter 2010

Yesterday we had a bunch of friends over for Easter dinner. It was nice to have a sort of family kind of thing since none of us have family here. I made my bunny cake and, unfortunately, that’s the only thing I managed to take a picture of. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the meal – including my first ham, which turned out quite well I think!

It was a perfect beautiful day yesterday. We hung out, talked, ate, played on the roof deck, and I had a great time. There were 9 of us there and it was nice to have people to hang out and chat with. It definitely felt like a holiday, which was nice, because holidays can tend not to feel that way if you’re not with family.

We didn’t actually go to church yesterday, we went to the Easter Vigil on Saturday night because I was someone’s sponsor through RCIA and they do all their baptisms and confirmations at that mass. It was long, but it wasn’t miserable long, maybe because I was involved throughout. My favorite part was by far the fire at the beginning. So you walk into the church and it’s all dark – no lights on, but everyone gets an unlit candle. To start mass they have this big pedestal they light a fire on the top of in the back of the church, the priest then lights a candle from that which he uses to light the paschal candle and from the priest’s candle the flame/light spreads rapidly. All the candidates/catechumans and their sponsors (me) were standing in the back with the priests, deacons, alter servers, lecters, etc. We all lit our candles from the priests and others around us and then it spread from us to the congregation in the the pews and up to the front of the church. It was really amazing to see and was beautiful to see this giant, old church lit by hundreds of candles. The way the light spread felt very unifying and I couldn’t help but smile. I don’t know if I can handle an Easter Vigil again next year, but that feeling I had and that part of the mass will make me at least consider it.

Christmas Presents

I made:

A hat and scarf for Elissa

A wrap for me

A neck warmer for Natashia

I also made one of these in chunkier, black cashmerino for a gift exchange, but never took a picture. *pout*

An infinity scarf for Stephanie

And I don’t have a picture, but I gave Athena a pair of socks…they’re 3/4 done. Sorry, Athena! I’ll finish them soon and put up a pic then.

Who thought this sounded like…

A good idea for a Christmas present?!?

Complete with little scoop and everything…

Male Christmas Present Idea

I was looking through Women’s Health’s list of gift ideas for the man in your life and I thought 2 of their ideas together would make a great themed gift…specifically perfect for my Dad.

This 6-pack Bottle Tote

And this set of Bottle Openers

Pumpkin Pie – My first Time

This weekend tbf and I went down to Philly to do Thanksgiving with my Aunt and Uncle. I was responsible for the desserts. I made a family recipe, carmelitas, which I pretty much make for everything because people love them. I also made a pumpkin pie. Who doesn’t do pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?!?

I made it from scratch – well, not the pumpkin. I even made the crust from scratch, which I was nervous about because I never had before…and because I don’t have a rolling pin. I just pressed it out with my hands, but then was nervous about getting it from the counter into the pie plate, so I dusted it with flour, folded it up and moved it. Not problems. It unfolded just fine.

My aunt and uncles are foodies and they complimented the pie, saying it was cooked perfectly – not to long and not to little. They were saying it’s easy to under cook pumpkin pies and leave them a little mushy. They also seemed really into the crust. Yay! Apparently they told my grandma and the rest of the family because everyone is telling me I made a great pie. Haha. I feel like a child who just used the toilet for the first time. People seem so excited! Surprise, I can cook! (I always knew it – I’ve been doing it for like 10 years now – I guess the rest of the family just didn’t.)