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This is really cool and it comes out of the Savannah College Art&Design school. My opinion is that almost everyone who comes out of there is awesome. For example, Darling Dexter – Love her blog! (Find it in my blogroll.) This project is awesome, I really want to know how long it took Bang-Yao Liu to create it as his senior project.


Life and stuff

So there has been a lot going on. I don’t really know that I’ve written about any of it, so I’m just going to write as I think of things. First I will start with my craptastic job and how it’s over. So very over. My las day was a week ago from Saturday. I was supposed to work Sunday 2-7, but Chontae (my craptastic boss) was there. She is supposed to open and close the first and last Sundays of the month, but she admittedly does not. She usually schedules me to come in and close so she can go do whatever. Well, I had my final case study in ICM Monday and a LOT to do for portfolio and my nonprofit class as well…plus Mom and Dad were here…so I called in and said, I’m sorry, it might be inconvenient, but I won’t be coming in today. She got mad and yelled at me and tried to make me feel like crap, which made me want to stay home even more. She told me that I quit that job a long time ago, which I agreed with, and that I was only thinking of myself, which I was, and that I knew I was going to do this before, which I did, blah, blah, blah. Then she wanted to know if I’d be there Tuesday or if I was going to do “this” to her again. I assured her I’d be there multiple times. Basically she hit the head on the nail while trying to belittle me and cut me down. Finally, when she took a break to breathe I told her, “Sorry, I’m not coming in. I have to go.” Then I went to brunch with Mom, Dad and Athena. From there we went home, Mom and Dad left and I set out on the homework.

Monday we had our ICM final case study which I feel like I did really well on, which scares me. I either did well or very poorly. I hope it’s that I did well. Maybe I just think I aced it and got one thing wrong which would have made it all wrong. That scares me. Either way I’m finished with ICM forever.

Tuesday I got all ready and went to work. I don’t know why I got dressed like I was going to actually work. As I was walking up I could tell the light was on, crap. When I looked in there was some guy counting the money and Chontae’s purse was on the cash wrap. I walked to the back where she was and said, I guess you don’t want me to work today? She said, “I’m just here to get your keys,” which were in my hand. I dropped them, turned around and walked out. On my way I said, you could have told me before. She said, “yeeeaahhh……sorry.” I said, “no you’re not,” to which she replied, “you’re right.” Then I called Mom and told her what happened. She reminded me that they had to pay me for that day since I’d put in my 2 weeks and they hadn’t fired me. If they fired me then they didn’t have to pay me for that day, but I could collect unemployment. I called Chontae, who was still there and told her I expected to be paid for today. She told me she thought I wasn’t going to show up for today, so she took whatever action she thought necessary to open the store. I called in on Sunday and therefore she didn’t have to pay me. She said everything she was doing was okayed by Lindsey (our DM) and that if I wanted to take it up with her I could. So, I called Lindsey and left her a message explaining what was going on. I didn’t hear back from her all day, so I called her again the next day and left another message asking for a return call to acknowledge mine. Shortly after, Chontae called me to tell me they’d pay me for Tuesday. Hah! Whore, I win!

Friday my final project for my Nonprofit class was due at noon. I’d spent all week, however, thinking about my copy for our Honda, Be.ez, and Palm Beach Tan ads. About 4 on Thursday I went to the lab to sit and work on my Nonprofit project, which I had already spent a little time on (and by that I mean I had done the first half of the project that was due in March, and I had sat down to talk with the woman from my company the week before) and really get it done. I wanted to be done by about midnight and 8 hours was plenty of time…until you add in a 2 hour Grey’s Anatomy, distractions, portfolio copy, and procrastination. I think I really got cranking about 2am. I took a nap on the couch for 2 hours (I planned to lay down for 30 mins and Valerie said she would wake me), then I went to move my car and get coffee. Then I got to cranking again. I finished a mediocre project about 12:05 and turned it in. I’m hoping for a B!

Friday I was supposed to start the day at 11 with some friends at Trudy’s north for 2 mexican martini’s. I missed that, so I planned to meet them at the Duck Tour of Austin about 1:45. They missed it because of the waiter at Trudy’s. I should have gone and done something to keep myself awake, but went home to take a short nap. I was supposed to meet them at Trudy’s Central for happy hour and 2 more Mexican Martini’s. I was woken up at 7pm by a phone call from a woman who wanted to buy my livingroom tables. I was so disoriented and thought it was Saturday morning. I couldn’t figure out why someone was calling me at 7am on a Saturday. Then I freaked out because the group doing the Trudy’s tour was going to see the 7pm showing of Spiderman…we already had tickets. I got up, told her I’d meet her at my place a little after 9 and sped to Barton Creek. I ended up sitting in the front row by myself, but I still saw the movie…which was quite cheesy. Then I left as soon as it was over, without seeing my friends to go home and meet her to sell my tables. They showed up, we moved them, and I headed down to Trudy’s South for 2 more Mexican Martini’s and some food. I had no makeup on, was still wearing the same thing I had put on at 6:15 Thursday morning, and was exhausted, but dammit, I wasn’t going to miss the whole day! I didn’t pay for one of my drinks…some random at the bar bought it. From Trudy’s we parted ways and I went home to PASS OUT.

Saturday morning I woke up at 6am and could NOT go back to sleep…what the heck?! I don’t sleep for 2 days and wake up after only 6 horus? I don’t get it! About 6:30 I got a drunk text from Vegas…and finally fell asleep about 15 minutes later. I got up at 11 when I had set my alarm to go off and had a pretty good Saturday. Got a lot done. Sold some things. All I have left to sell are my ficus tree and my couch/love seat. That evening was Becca and Justin’s couple’s shower. It was a good time full of BBQ, stories and alcohol. I stayed there for like 6 hours. I miss hanging out with her…it’s so good when I get to. It’s going to be even more hard from NY. Then that night I agreed to go with Matt to Hooter’s for some food and then downtown. I had no idea that at Hooter’s it was going to be 8 guys and myself. Good odds. Hehe. Anyway, we had a good time…and time with fried pickles is a good time.

Yesterday was spent in the lab…again working on copy. I think I’m finished though. Now we just need to print campaigns! My partner and I don’t for 2 of the campaigns don’t work well together and it’s frustrating. Yesterday she sent me a text she meant to send to someone else talking crap about me…nice. I’m just ready to be done. 3 more days. Then I have a bbq this weekend…then I’m leaving here on Sunday and flying to NY on Tuesday!! Still don’t have a job…but hopefully everyone from all my interviews wants me! Nervous, but can’t wait!

Things I don’t want to forget

This was something I observed about this time two years ago when I was graduating. 7:30 in the morning is beautiful. No matter how tired you are, no matter where you are going or coming from; 7:30 am this time of year is clear and quiet and warm and perfect. I want to remember that and the way it makes me feel always. I want to appreciate it always.

Staying up all night in a lab full of other students freaking out over the same things as yourself is comforting. You all calm each other, entertain each other, distract each other, and keep each other awake. We all help each other and talk about everything that doesn’t matter. We bond and grow and wish we were asleep. It is an amazing subconscious support network.


I have posted everything I intend to sell on Craig’s List and have so far sold only my 4 dining chairs and my set of 4 rugs. I still need to get rid of all my big furniture. Someone’s going to have to want to buy it though, right? I’m working on it. Really, that’s not what I should be worrying about right now anyway. I have so many other things going on. This is my last week of work, I am finished Tuesday. Next week I am super busy with school. Monday I have a test in ICM and it is our last class day for my non-profit class in which we have our semester long project due Friday. Tuesday is our last day of Portfolio and we really need to have all of our ads done, which we so don’t. Portfolio is May 10th and then I am finished with school…maybe forever.

Last night I bought my plane ticket to New York for May 15th. I could go the 14th, but an extra day might be nice to have. I spent $5.00. I love frequent flier miles! I had to pay $5.00 for tax or something and that was it, my flight was completely free. Good…I really couldn’t afford to buy an actual flight. Now, it is a roundtrip ticket, but because I have to return for Becca’s wedding the weekend of June 1. I will fly back to Texas May 30 and then probably head back to NY June 4th or 5th. We shall see. It depends on whether or not I have a job lined up yet. Hopefully I will.

VT Shooting

So odd. Today I was sitting in class thinkning about how we’re in there from 8-11 every Monday and if anything catastrophic were to happen in the world in those 3 hours we would have no idea. It was a weird thought and I dismissed it as quickly as it came. After class I met a friend for lunch where I got a text message from another friend telling me 22 people had been killed at Virginia Tech and to be careful today. I was confused seeing as I’m not at Virginia Tech, but appreciative nonetheless for the consideration and thought. I just think it’s very weird how I had a thought like that at the same time as the incident was happening.

Shortly after I found out about the incident a friend who is in both of my classes today (and was fine this morning) called me, obviously crying. She said she may not make it to class and if she doesn’t she wanted me to take notes for her. I told her I would, didn’t pry, and that was it. I honestly hope everything is alright.


So I’ve been so stressed out and so unhappy about things. Project, paper, work, not having a real job lined up yet, money. I just IMed with a friend of mine from HS who lives up in New York and what she said completely changed my mood in about a quarter of a second. She said, it’s funny how God finds a way to make our dreams come true. I thought, I’m just happy He lets me dream. As much as I hate to do these projects and papers, God has opened so many doors for me and will continue to with this degree. It doesn’t matter if I don’t sleep tonight, it doesn’t matter that I’m stressed out for a couple of days. I’m so lucky to be where I am and for the opportunities afforded me. I’m still stressed out, but now I’m smiling because I am able to dream.

Watch me be irritated about something stupid…

I would just like to start off by saying, “hi, today I have the maturity of a 7 year old.” Last week in ICM, Dr. Cunningham opened class by said, “I hope you like where you’re sitting because this is where you will sit for the rest of the semester.” We all sort of groaned and accepted it. Today I was in the library until right before class. I didn’t leave early because I knew I would have a seat. A good seat. The one I chose for its location last week. When I got there today as I walked in the door I saw Ben sitting down in my seat; to talk to Melissa I assumed. Then he pulled out his laptop as I walked up. I said something about it being in my seat and he said something about yeah, but it doesn’t matter, see other people are in different seats this week. So I had no choice but to find another seat. That shouldn’t piss me off, but it did.