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Yankees v Red Socks

Last Thursday I went to the Yankee’s v Red Socks game in the new Yankee’s Stadium. It’s the second time I’ve been there and that place is pretty great. This time we sat in the Audi Club. It’s definitely not the same experience as sitting in a regular seat, but it was very conducive to the social aspects of a baseball game. It was great to be there for the Yankee’s to be the Red Socks for the first time in 8 games.

Audi Club

The food there was definitely amazing. My only complaint about the night is that you didn’t get the roudy atmosphere of the game because we were behind a wall of glass. On the flip side, it was pretty quiet which, depending on who you are, could be really nice. Like watching the game at home, but cooler.


Oops, sorry, I didn’t see you there

This morning at the gym I was watching SportsCenter and this video made me gasp. How does that happen?? Really? You really didn’t see his head there??

I’ll take #2 and you can keep #3

I went down to Cape May, NJ this weekend.  Rented a car for the first time in my life – very exciting.  We left about lunch time and decided to find some fast food along the way.  We pulled off the highway 3 or 4 times and much to my dismay, it seems that NJ does not believe in fast food.  We passed a McDonald’s once which tbf won’t eat.  Finally I stumbled apon an Arby’s and by that point it was almost dinner time.  Not fun at all.

So we got there about 5 on Friday in just enough time to see a hawk my aunt and uncle had caught right before we got there.  We both got to hold it and I think I was the one to release it.  Saturday we spend the whole day in the blind with my aunt and uncle.  We caught, weighed, banded and measured 4 different kinds of hawks that morning alone.  We also saw a few Bald Eagles and a Golden Eagle.  It was a very fun learning experience this weekend.  To me bird watching and banding is just a really weird family thing that I’ve grown up around and accept.  I thought it would be really strange to tbf, but he actually got in to it and enjoyed the experience.  It’s really cool to catch hawks, I must say. 

Saturday night we went out to a nice Italian place in downtown Cape May and at the table next to us there was this loud, annoying guy who got louder as dinner (and beers) went along.  At one point he started talking about the Texas v. Texas Tech game and how he hoped Tech beat Texas because then Penn State would move into the top 2 and go to the championship.  This makes me think he’s the kind of guy who gets a good hand in poker and lays down his cards, only to be beat.  It’s too early to be sure your team is going to go to to the championship just because they are in the top 2.  To be honest, I wanted Texas to win, because I don’t think Tech can go to the championship, and on the off chance that they did manage it, I don’t think they’ll win.  I think Texas could.  So Tech won – Texas clearly didn’t want it – they didn’t show up to play.  I’m happy for Tech, that’s awesome for them, but sad for Texas – and this divide is something I’ll have forever having gone to both schools.  Last nigh the BCS rankings came out and I have to say that I am just SO happy that the guy at dinner Sat night was wrong and Penn State is still number 3.  Tech is number 2 – Wreck em!

Sunday we went to a different blind with my aunt and uncle that overlooked a marsh and caught more birds.  Fun!  Getting back to NY was such a pain.  Driving the NJ Parkway was no problem, but once we got through Staten Island and Brooklyn into Queens it was damn near impossible to get to my apartment.  It took us an hour to drive 4 blocks because all the roads were blocked off for the marathon.  We went in so many circles and followed so many wrong directions before finally finding the one road we needed that made it possible to get to where I live.  That’s all there was.  Only one possibility.  So frustrating when the police standing all around are jerks and won’t help you out (read: give incorrect directions). 

Anyway, that was my weekend.  I know my thoughts are totally fragmented and random.  Eh, so be it.

What I did this weekend:

Sorry, no knitting this time.  Still working on the same shawl I’ve been working on for a few weeks.  I actually went out Saturday night for a friend’s birthday party…but now I’m sick.  :(  I also went to the Jets v. Patriot’s game yesterday and sat in the 15th row of the 40 yard line.  The seats were sick…and the game was a lot of fun.  I had a hard time picking who to root for because I wanted to root for the Jets because they’re a New York team, but my fantasy QB is now Cassel (since I had Brady and in my world he’s all but dead) and my defense is the Patriot’s D…also, I went to school with Wes Welker and I want to see him do well.  Ah well, either way it was fun.  Oh, and we sat by the old New York state governor George Pitaki.  I have no idea what his views or beliefs are, but I’d vote for him…his son was wearing a UT hat!  Hehe.

I’m a cool kid!

Last Wednesday night I met up with some co-workers to play volleyball in an urban league.  I have played volleyball once in the last year, but played ALL THE TIME before I moved here.  I love that we have a team at work!  I felt like I played really badly, but they told me I did well.  I blame my feelings of inadequacy on having essentially not played in a year.  I miss my sand volleyball days from grad school!  Wednesday nights were my favorite nights.  About 20 of us would meet up at a nearby church with car sterios on full blast and beers.  We played for hours.  I will never forget the night it started to rain and we decided to play anyway, we played while it poured.  My shirt was too thin and light, so I borrowed one from a guy friend.  Those are some happy memories!

Thursday when I was getting ready for work I noticed that my forearms were bruised and I couldn’t quite decide how I would have done that the night before.  Later that day I realized my red and blue bruises were proof of my setting skills.  I can’t swing worth a darn, I always hit square into the net, but I sure can set, so that was my roll all night.  I honestly enjoy having that responsibility.

My bruises are gone, now, but I was just given a copy of the team schedule.  Very few are handed out to a very select few.  I can now plan ahead and arrange to attend all the games with a team who wants me there.  I’m so excited for more happy memories to be made!

Fantasy Finals

This week was the first of 2 playoff weeks in our fantasy league.  I was playing my boss’s boss and I’ve only lost one game this season.  I was pretty confident and not worried…then I watched the Jets/Patriots game.  3 points Tom, really?!  3?!?  Tom Brady has been playing like a video game all season, and then when it gets down to the important stuff he gets 3 points.  Good thing the Pat’s defense did well…and LT.  All in all I was freaking out for the last 10 minutes of last night’s games because I was up only 96-89.  Final score ended up being 97-90.  The final is next week and my oponent has yet to be decided.  We will be playing for a $250 Best Buy GC.  Very nice considering our league was free! 


I would just like to say that this weekend I schooled our fantasy league.  170.  Chew on that boys!  Finals, here I come with my 13-1 (and I only lost by 5 points b/c I didn’t play a flex player that week) record!