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Android v. iPhone

I currently have a Samsung Epic. I’ve had it for probably about a year and it does the job just fine. It’s nice enough. I never wanted an iPhone because I’ve had Sprint since 2002 and, frankly, I have a pretty good plan/rate. Everyone has complaints here and there about their phone provider, but I always have service, I rarely drop calls and my data and texts are unlimited. Sprint didn’t have the iPhone until recently and my desire to stay with Sprint out weighed my desire to get the iPhone. Now that the iPhone is a real option for me, there seem to be a lot of pros for the iPhone and not a lot of cons.

One thing I thought would be a pro for the Epic is it has a slide out keyboard, but also a touch keyboard. In all the time I’ve had the Epic, I’ve probably used the keyboard 10 times. Max. Other than than (and that’s not really even a pro), I’m sort of at a loss.

As for the iPhone, here is the list of pros I have compiled:
– you can group text (on my Android, I get group texts from iPhone users, but I can’t reply to everyone – only the sender)
– apps come out for the iPhone first (Instagram – which came out on Android yesterday, but isn’t working as well for me as it does on my iPad – specifically, it’s saying the pictures my phone takes are too small; Pinterest – can’t get it on Android)
– can take screenshots of the phone
– can facetime with other iphones or ipads (great for families with small children/grandparents)

I know it’s not a really long list, but it’s long enough to make a difference to me. I’ll venture to say eventually I’m going to make the switch.


Google Weddings!

For any of my engaged friends out there, Google announced yesterday that they are launching Google Weddings – a combination of Google Docs, Google Sites (think or where you can create your own wedding site to share info with everyone), and Picnik (a photo tool).

Seems like a really helpful tool that will make it so easy to share documents with multiple people and give multiple people the ability to edit a document without sending it back and forth 80 times.

Don’t know why Google has made getting into the wedding business a priority, but seems cool.

Nikon D3000

I have had the same camera for almost 6 years. I had it in college, I had it through grad school and I’ve had it here with me in New York for the last few years. It has been dropped, it has become outdated, and it has started to show signs of its age. For the last couple of years I’ve wanted a new camera, but not really felt the explicit need for one. In the last couple years, I’ve also become much more interested in photography and taking pretty pictures.

Enter Nikon D3000:

I’ve made the decision to spend the most money I can remember spending on just one thing, other than furniture, and consider it an investment. I’ve been wrestling with the idea for a couple of weeks, but finally decided just to bite the bullet, because we all know I will eventually give in and buy it and the longer I procrastinate, the more reason I’ll have to kick myself later for not having it and missing pictures I wish I’d been able to capture appropriately.

New camera, ordered. Pit in stomach from amount spent, gained. Overall happiness, promised.

Palm Pre

So Sprint and Palm have yet to publicly announce a release day. I, however, found out from a source close to the product that it will definitely be released mid-May. No pricing information though. I think if it’s under $250 I will buy it. Any more than that I have a hard time justifying paying for it when I can get an iPhone for that. We’ll see what they do.


Digital Tv Switch

I think it is amazing (and not in a good way) that people have been told for 2 years now that on Feb. 17th of 2009 their tv will switch over to digital broadcast. Now, I’m not sure why, but a large amount of the population seems not to have heeded this warning and gotten the converter boxes (or new tvs) that they needed to comply with this change. So what does that mean? That means Congress will push back the date from analog to digital broadcast.

In my opinion, the government should move forward with the changes as planned. Once the change is made, people will be forced to take action and all will be right in the world. If the govt pushes back the switch, people will continue to drag their feet, not be proactive (or active at al) and will not get the things they need to be able to watch tv. Now, I don’t see the problem with watching less tv, but whatever. Once the change is forced, people will take the action they’ve had 2 years to take. End of story, done.