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April Showers

It has been raining a lot here lately and the other night a storm rolled through that made the city look really creepy. This is usually our view of the city at night:

While this storm was rolling through, this was our view. Mind you, it wasn’t raining when I took this, it’s not obstructed due to precipitation. The clouds just literally enveloped the city and settled thickly.

So creepy, right?

A couple days later another storm was rolling in while I was on my way home from work. Walking into my building, the Empire State Building looked so cool. There were somewhat opaque clouds drifting in front of it and it was back lit by the sun before it set. I went home, dropped off my purse and grabbed my camera. It didn’t look as cool by the time I got out to take pics, but these are a few of the neat ones I snapped.

See the spire? Just barely.


Spring is Springing!

The weather is getting nicer and the world around me is starting to poke its head out of the winter hibernation. Spring is my most favorite time of year. New growth. Bright colors. New life. Singing birds. Spring is happiness incarnate to me. If I could live in a world of spring I don’t think anything could get me down. Here’s a little bit of the beauty I observed in my neighborhood this weekend.

Snow Day

This January is the snowiest January on record in New York. In the last 24 hours, we have apparently gotten 19 inches of snow. The trek to work this morning was interesting. The subways are working fine, but the roads aren’t plowed at all and the sidewalks aren’t shoveled at all. You’d think we’d never had a snow storm before. However, unlike every other New Yorker, I get happy every time it snows and I never want it to stop. I also want to spend all day playing in it. It’s probably the fault of the girl who lived in Texas for 12 years.

The walk ahead from my apt to the subway.

The view back toward the city with an abandoned taxi in the middle of the road.

A pretty tree.

Snow Storm

It’s a beautiful, snowy day here in New York. Big, fluffy flakes are falling and the city looks like a snow globe.

Snowing in Times Square.

Photo Project Idea

So, I have a fun idea for a photography project, although I’m not sure what I’d do with/as a final project.

So this is the view out of my livingroom:

I’ve thought, it would be really neat to set my camera up in the window and set it to take a picture every five minutes for 24 hours. It would actually be really cool to do this in the spring for a couple weeks and turn it into a stop motion video…food for thought…so you could see the change in seasons. Or to take the one exact same picture every day for a year and do the same thing. Hmm…I like where my head’s at! Anyway, since we’re supposed to have a snow storm tomorrow, I think I may try to do my pic every five minutes for 24 hours tomorrow. More to come on whether I did it and how it worked out!

Baby, it’s cold outside

So, I like snow. After growing up where snow was plentiful and then moving to the south where snow was non-existent, I missed snow. Then, I moved to NY and was so excited about snow again. However, with the snow comes the cold. Why is it that the most miserable weather (cold & rain) always happen on the weekends? Low of 16 tomorrow and they’re saying “Real Feel” 12 and Low of 5 (5!) on Sunday with a “Real Feel” of -5! Can’t this happen during the week when I’m in my office all day, not on the weekend when I want to get out, see friends and run errands?

Ugh – Mis!

Playing in the snow

A week ago we got some pretty good snow. I was off of work and had some visitors in town, so we went to play in the snow. Here are my fav pics from our time at the park: