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Greenpots Set

I got an email from Daily Candy today about Greenpots; They are chemical free, enameled cast iron pots that evenly distribute heat.


Pumpkin Pot

They have pots, skillets, saucepans, specialty pots, etc. They are all oven safe and I think they’re awesome. How great would the green pepper pot be for a quiche or the pumpkin pot for a pumpkin cake? I want them all!

Specialty Pots


Dutch Kills

DK Door

Friday night we walked to a new bar in Long Island City, Dutch Kills. It was probably about a mile from our apt and a bit of a walk, but it was definitely nice out and I was in flat sandals. It was a bar my roommate had heard about and wanted to go to. I was a little apprehensive and from the name of it I was imagining black, skulls and tattoo style roses.

Dutch Kills

As we were walking up, my other roommate’s sister, who is in town visiting, said, “Are we going to that place with the sign flashing ‘BAR’ outside?” We could only really say, I think so..


I was very pleasantly surprised when we walked in. The door was just a solid, dark metal door and seemed a bit sketchy. Inside, however, it is a long, narrow place with dark wood on the walls and ceiling. The first half of the establishment is table that fit 4-6 and 2. Past that is the area where the bar is located and beyond that is a small area with a couch or 2 and a piano. The floor in this area was painted dark and sprinkled with saw dust. This is where the live jazz band hung out. On the bar was a ton of fresh fruit stacked in bowls. Behind the bar was a huge block of ice that it looks like they cut from to put in drinks, high end liquors, chalk boards listing the drinks of the season (they change as the fruits that are in season do). Guiseppe Gonzalez took our order, diligently made our drinks, paying attention to every detail, lined them on the bar, and explained each, complete with the story of their origins before doling them out. The whole place had a very 1920s feel to me. I would definitely go back.

Conundrum White Table Wine

I was given a bottle of Conundrum White Table Wine for Christmas and it has been gathering dust ever since.


I opened it up last week because it was the last bottle of wine I had and I wanted to have a glass of wine. Oh. my. goodness. It was SO good. It’s sweet and smooth and a nice summer wine. I found it at a wine store and it runs about $27. I can’t drink it all the time, but you better believe I am adding it to my favorite wine list (and I’m only a white drinker during the summer).