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Cooking Class

This week, as a networking/team building/fun outing, my team from work went to a cooking class. We made our dinner and then enjoyed it. We had butternut squash ravioli for the appetizer, chicken pot pie for our main course, and apple pie for dessert. Of course, this was all complimented by wine and candles.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived was that the room the tables were set in was covered on three walls with cook books. I noticed some I have and really enjoyed looking at them. I definitely took down the name of a few I would like to purchase.

Here a some pictures from the night of the team making pot pie and then the finished product!




No conference rooms at the office

This is what happens when your company converts all the conference rooms to offices.


A NYC Male’s Work Uniform

Men in NY all wear the same thing with slight variations. Every day. Some days I wish I could have this simple wardrobe and have what I’m going to wear more or less predetermined for me. Other days, I’m so glad for the variation.

This morning walking through Times Square, I passed by a food cart where there were 6 guys in line, all wearing essentially the same outfit. By the time I got my phone out to snap a pic, one had paid and walked away and one had stepped in between me and 2 of them, so it looks like 3, but if you look hard, you can see the other 2. I found it amusing.



It’s amazing to me what people mark as urgent in emails. I very, very rarely make use of marking an email “high importance” or “urgent.” There are people who do it for every email they send. Do they really think they’re that important to me? It’s amazing. Unless something significant happening depends on your email being read or responded to, it’s probably not that important. Billing is not one of those things. A red exclamation point in my in box means nothing to me – similar to “asap” (shudder).

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Moving on up this week…I got a promotion on Tuesday.

Been working my butt off, which is why I’ve been so MIA – please excuse my long absences.

Who thought this sounded like…

A good idea for a Christmas present?!?

Complete with little scoop and everything…

Bed Bugs – Working from Home

I was going to post a picture with this until I google’d Bed Bugs, hit images and was thoroughly grossed out!

Regardless, that is not my point. My point it that tomorrow while you’re all at work, I will be in pj pants, on my couch, watching tv with my lap top on my lap. Our building has bed bugs and my floor and one other floor were asked to work from home tomorrow and Friday before the floors are sprayed on Saturday. Sweet! I’ll take it!