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The Weekend

I had a pretty busy weekend this weekend. A few of the things I meant to take and post pictures of, but that just didn’t happen.

Friday night we had our monthly girls’ dinner with the theme Havana Nights. Lots of yummy Cuban food…and wine was had by all. I left about 12:30 as a dance party was breaking out.

Saturday tbf and I babysat his 7 week old niece so they could go to a birthday party. We babysat her last weekend so they could go to a movie. Last weekend she was so good. This weekend she was so upset. It’s the most helpless feeling to know you’ve fed, changed and burped a baby, but still can’t get them to stop crying. I took pictures of the “Congratulations, you’ve been born!” hats I made for her, but forgot to download the pictures, so I can’t share them today.

I went to three classes at my toga studio this weekend. Friday night was an intermediate pilates class (before girls’ dinner), Saturday was a beginner/intermediate pilates class and yesterday was a beginners yoga class. Are we seeing a theme? I’m pretty comfortable with intermediate pilates classes, but yoga classes have to be beginner for a little while. So, I’m four days and four classes into my yoga challenge. So far, so good!


Yoga Challenge

So a few month (and posts) ago, I wrote about the Yoga studio I go to doing a 30 day challenge. I thought about doing it, but ultimately did not. Now, they’re at it again. This time is slightly different. You still have the option of 30 classes in 30 days, (which there’s no way I could do because I’m taking a five day vacation in two weeks), OR you can do a 90 day challenge where you must attend 70 classes in 90 days. This, so far (according to my calendar), I can do and last night I signed up.

I’m super nervous about it because I’m still very, very new to yoga and the idea of committing to doing something every single day for 90 days really scares me. I know I can do 40 – I’m Catholic and every year I commit to doing something extra or abstaining from doing something for 40 days. Cake walk. 90, however, is more than twice that and scares me. I’m going to need some serious support and encouragement around the beginning of March. I’m going to go every day I possibly can instead of trying to plan out the days I can miss because I’m sure things will come up or I’ll get sick or whatever.

At this point, 90 days is a head game for me. This is going to be my own, personal marathon.

30 Day Challenge

Last week I got an email from the Yoga studio I go to detailing a 30 day challenge they are having – easy – practice yoga every day for 30 days. I was immediately excited and would LOVE to do this. The problem here is that with my schedule and their schedule, I can already see that 30 days every day isn’t possible for me, I’d need them to have earlier morning classes and every day.

BUT, I decided that I’d like to challenge myself to my own 30 day challenge. I’ve been really bad about working out lately and have been feeling guilty about it – I needed a reason to get back on the wagon. So! My challenge:

Work out every day for 30 days for at least 30 minutes a day. At the end of the 30 days, if I am successful I will buy one or both of these for myself:

In gray.

The tough part to this challenge is I generally just buy things I want. I’ve been trying lately though to be good about my spending and these are fairly expensive, so I know I would feel guilty just buying them. I’m hoping if my challenge to myself is a success I won’t feel guilty for the reward.

I. lack. motivation.

The Yoga Room

About a month and a half ago a friend of mine suggested I join The Yoga Room, a yoga studio very near my apartment, which is actually quite far from hers, but she goes out of her way to go there. I’ve wanted to test out yoga for quite some time, but have never made it. They were running an intro special where it’s $89 for the first month and you get a free mat and mat bag. Sign me up, I’m in!

The first class I tried to go to was a Hot Vinyasa Fusion class, I believe. I started to see stars and nearly passed out. I left the class after 30 minutes. I have yet to go back to a hot class. I’ve spent my time taking beginner and basic classes as well as this killer pilates class on Saturday mornings – I love it! My month ran out a couple weeks ago and I just renewed for a monthly membership.

Last night I went to a Tuesday class for the first time. So. Hard! I’m glad I went because it was certainly a challenge and it definitely forced my out of my comfort zone. I was definitely sweating buckets (and it wasn’t a hot class!) and it looked like I was the only one…awkward.

Anyhoo, I will definitely go back. It was great!


Tbf and I try to run in the mornings before work and the last month or so there have been catering trucks outside of one of the buildings we run by. This morning I told him I knew Silvercup was out by where we live and that I wonder if that’s the building the catering trucks are by. He said probably. Then, when we ran by, I noticed the HUGE Silvercup sign on top of the building. There’s also a big awning that says Silvercup on it. I have to have noticed those before and just forgotten, it’s so hard to miss. Now I wonder if we’ll ever see Alec Baldwin or Tina Fey – Silvercup shoots 30 Rock. They also shoot Gossip Girl – but the only person I know on that show is Michelle Trachtenberg. I guess she’d be exciting to see at 7am.


My favorite song to work out to:

I WANT her stomach in this video. I have always wanted her stomach in this video. This song always makes me work just a little harder when I’m working out.

Weight Loss


I weigh myself every time I go to the gym since I don’t have a scale. I know it’s more accurate to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, but that’s not when I go to the gym, and since I am consistent about when I weigh myself, I figure it can’t be that off.

So at the beginning of the year I weighed 137-138. I would say now on average I am about 133. I have managed to lose about 5 lbs, which I’m totally happy about. What girl wouldn’t be? Don’t we all want to lose weight no matter our size? Ok, maybe not all, but I’d say that’s a pretty consistent woman desire. I would really love to be about 125, so we’ll see what I can do. It’s all going to come down to exercise right now, because I’ve cut so much out of my diet already. I’m eating red meat once every couple weeks now, I haven’t had a Coke in months, I’ve replaced sugary sweets with fruit, I’m eating more vegetables and cooking more of my own food now (that also helps save money), I’m still not really eating fried foods since I gave that up for Lent. I’d say I am pretty disciplined about my diet.

For the most part, this desire for weight loss has come from a skirt I bought. I saw a skirt on the J Crew website that I had to have in Jan. They were sold out across the country – turns out Michelle Obama and I have the same taste – she wore it on a late night show she did an interview on. One night after being out with some friends and a few glasses of wine, I came home and ordered it from someone on EBay. I ordered a 4, cause that’s what I wear and when it came it was the smallest 4 EVER – like European size 4. I can’t wear the skirt as it, it will tear when I sit down, so I’m motivated to lose some of my ass because I really like the skirt. Oh the things women will do!