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People say bad things happen in 3s. Yesterday Ed McMahon died, then today it was Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. My dad just called and told me my grandfather died. For me, today, bad things happen in 4s.


Crazy Day

I can’t believe it. Ed McMahon.

And then Farrah Fawcett.

And now Michael Jackson.

Geeze. I’m speechless.

Wow! Check out all the paparazzi outside the hospital waiting for confirmation…
(Obviously via CNN)

Princess Di

I love these pictures of Princess Diana.

Diana Dancing
Dancing with John Travolta at a party given by President Reagan.


I have 2 older cousins who loved her while we were growing up. Since they were too old for William, they always wanted me to marry him. Too bad I’m Catholic. And American.

Dryer issues in our new apartment

I don’t claim to know a lot about fixing up a house. I don’t claim to know a lot about electronics or appliances, but I do know a little. We moved into a new, bigger apartment about 2 weeks ago in the same building we have been in for a year to accommodate our boyfriends moving in with us. Right now it’s just one – but we’ll see how long it takes for the other to jump on the bandwagon – the wheels are definitely turning.

We have had problems with our dryer since the day we moved in. It doesn’t work. I know enough to know that it gets hot and it spins, so it’s probably not the dryer. I’ve been saying this since the beginning. Regardless, the dryer has been replaced 2 times. My gut feeling is that something was wrong with the exhaust. Maintenance said they replaced the exhaust tube behind the dryer. Now, if we lived in a house, that should basically solve the problem since from there that air goes nowhere else but through the wall and outside. In a high-rise building, however, there are tubes/pipes in the wall that this air is carried through. This is where I’ve been assuming the problem stood. The maintenance team said no way, no how – it should work fine. Well, should and do are different.

On Saturday maintenance came back – again. My roommate’s dad who happened to be in town pointed out an access panel on the wall in the closet above the dryer. Then he opened it up for the maint. guy. Inside of it we found a solid mass of lint and trash.


The maintenance guy acted shocked (come on – it was obvious this had to be in there somewhere) and removed it for us.

Clog Can
Clog Removal
Can you see the Gatorade bottle and paper towel tube in there?

Stuff like this causes fires. One would think the maintenance team would be more concerned that this was there. When I made the comment that this could have caused a fire, the maintenance guy told me no, it wouldn’t. He’s obviously (in the words of Jared) an ignoramus. I can’t imagine if a fire had started within the walls because of that stuff. It would have spread so fast as all of the apartments are interconnected. It could have burned the entire building down.

We threw a wet hand towel in there and it dried it in about an hour. Then, for the real test we threw in a whole load of laundry. Still not fixed – wtf?! So, they came back yesterday, cut a hole in the wall and found a piece of insulation the size of the tube blocking it. Now that it has been removed we haven’t yet tried to do laundry. Here’s hoping it’s fixed. What a pain.

Another very creative wedding invite

Here’s a cool invite to go along with the one I posted a few days ago and also to go with the stop motion film “Deadline” that I posted. Via Michael (thank you), a very cool wedding invite:

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland


So Tim Burton is creating a new Alice In Wonderland through his vision. Complete with Johnny Depp. They make a crazy, but great team. I LOVE these pics that have been released.

Mad Hatter

I LOVE this picture of Anne Hathaway.

RSS Capabilities – whoa!

Wait for it, wait for it…..

I now have an RSS subscribe button! Yay! It’s over to the right. Add me to yours (cause it’s exciting and all the cool kids are doing it)!

Thanks tons to my good friend (but never actually met, but apparently know his wife, but don’t remember her, but she remembers my dad), Ajit. Yayayayayayayay!