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Pay off and cancel Express card by November.

Pay off credit card by November of 2008.  Ugh, just writing that hurts.

Buy plane ticket to Houston for Christmas.

Finance birthday trip to Vegas in February.

Exponentially increase savings.

I’m not sure that’s all possible on my new salary.

Stop eating out when it’s not necessary.  Socialize in other ways.


My favorite…

News story of the day!

My case of the Mondays

I got to work this morning about 9:15 and had to wait in line, something around 5 minutes for the elevator.  I am supposed to be here at 8:30 and left my house about 8 like I usually do to get here on time.  I am so over today.  My typical morning includes taking the 6 up one stop and then taking the 4/5 down 2.  This morning I waited a good 15 minutes for the 6 and there were so many people waiting when I got there, it was evident there were some who probably waited twice as long as me.  When we got up to the next stop, the scene was the same.  After 3 express trains no one could fit on coming by I jumped on an express that was running on the local track.  Not only was it an express train running locally (irritating!), we also sat for a solid 5 minutes or so in between each station.  It took me over an hour to get down to work.  I can walk it in 45 minutes.  I should have walked.  Irr-i-ta-ting!!

How about you change your manners?

Email I sent:  “I’m sure the answer is probably no, but I just want to check and see if you’ve heard anything from [ad agency] yet.”  Meaning, I’m sure I would have heard from you if you’ve heard from them, but I just wanted to check in…

The email I recieved in reply (not from the person I sent the email to, but from the guy who owns this recruiting company): “That attitude needs to change…it is what you are projecting in your interviews & is likely the reason you are not getting offers.  [Ad agency] is still interviewing candidates but you are one of the candidates they are giving serious consideration to….We will reach out as soon as we hear. “

Really, I’m not going to work with you so you can scold me, and I have had an offer, asshole.  NO reason to tell me to change my effing attitude!  If I didn’t want to go back to this company I’d tell him to go shove it.  The thing that makes me mad about this situation is if I get offered/take the job he makes money off me.  Who the hell does he think he is?  How does he know what comes across in my interviews?!  He’s not there!  And if my attitude is so bad, why is it that I’m getting called back for 2nd and 3rd interviews?  Urg, I need to go for a run!

Too little too late

Last night when I got off the subway my phone vibrated, alerting me of a text message.  It was from a number I didn’t have programmed into my phone, but when I read the message, “I’m sorry for the way I treated you, for what it’s worth,” I had a suspision of who the number belonged to.  I called a friend, asked for this other person’s phone number and it was confirmed.

The person who wrote this text message is someone I have known, maybe not well, for a long time.  Late in college we grew closer than we had been in the past, and every time one of us was single or we were both at home, we would more or less turn to each other.  He always wanted me to come to him, he rarely came to me, and he wanted to talk/hang out when it was convenient for him.  I truely liked this person, and the feelings were not returned.

During Christmas break there was a small falling out and things were slightly repaired.  Then this spring he came to visit me, saying he needed to get out of the city he was in.  Why? To get away from girl problems.  Always to get away from girl problems.  See, that’s the thing.  When a girl breaks his heart, he comes to me and wants to talk and hang out.  Then when he finds another girl, he returns to treating me like I barely matter.  My feelings are/were/have been ignored.  When a girl breaks his heart or when he doesn’t know what to do or when she’s not treating him well that’s when he wants to talk.  The last time he came to visit me I was done with it.  I don’t deserve to be treated the way he’s treated me, and so I stop putting up with it.  We haven’t spoken since we were out one night that weekend.  We didn’t speak on the walk back to the car, or on the ride home, or once we got home, or even when he left the following morning.  I’ve since told him the things he left at my apartment are at my parents house, although I don’t think he ever picked them up.

I’m not sure why the text yesterday.  I want to think it’s because a girl has broken his heart again, but of this I absolutely have no real idea, only my speculations.  I didn’t reply because I don’t know what to say.  It’s just too little too late.


Well, like I said, last week I was offered a job.  It is as an assistant media planner at a very large company.  As soon as I was offered the job I was asked by a boutique shop that I have interviewed at for 2 different accounts before to come interview for a third.  A also had an interview at a mammoth advertising agency 2 days after my offer for an assistant account executive position.

 At the mammoth agancy things went really well.  I could tell the woman interviewing me had looked at my resume before and prepared questions.  She asked me interesing, provoking questions and we had good conversation.  One question that really surprised me came about halfway through the interview: “Do you like to present or write?”  After about a second and a funny face I said, “write.”  She answered, “I knew that.”  Not sure what that meant, but I was surprised and for some reason it really left me impressed.  I feel like she really got to know me in that interview and at the end of it she told me, “I really like you, I think you’re great.” Then she was telling me about the next interview steps and how she didn’t think their entry level salary would work for me.  Awesome!  I can’t wait to go back.  The account is a fun one that I like the ads for and it really is a great company. 

Today I had the interview at the botique place.  I feel like the interview went really well, but that’s how I felt after all my other interviews there.  They keep asking me to come back, but they keep not hiring me.  I’m gonna need them to decide.  They like me or they don’t; cause they’re certainly not paying me to interview.  Anyway, the girl I interviewed with seemed really nice and like someone I could work really well with while having fun.  About an hour after I got back to this here temporary job of mine I got an email from the head hunter saying they want me to come back to meet the rest of the team later this week.  Sweet action.  Will try to keep things up to date.

 In the mean time, I have a job offer with a great team/company for bad pay.  The other 2 are great companies/teams too with slightly better pay…we will see what happens.


I feel like I need to douse myself in some cleansing chemical, among other things.  So I live in New York and things like rats and roaches are just part of life here.  I expect to see them, but most in the subway or on the sidewalk.  I know that if you live in a groundfloor apt you will get them more frequently, but I have see 3 very large (like an inch and a half long) roaches in the last 2 weeks.  Saturday I was sitting at my computer and felt like my hair was tickling my leg, so I brushed it away, but it wasn’t my hair, it was a roach!  Eeew.  I’m usually ok with roaches and other bugs.  Killing them doesn’t bother me.  I don’t dance all over and scream, I find a shoe and smush whatever it is that it’s trying to cohabitate with me.  My long-term ex was afraid of crawly things, so it was up to me not to be.  They’re not that bad…until they’re crawling on me!  Gross!!  Then, shortly after that I was sitting on my bed reading when a spider crawled across my dress.  I need an exterminator!

 Oh, oh, and this person (cat lady I assume) in my building likes to put out birdfood and walnuts for the pidgeons (read: flying rats) and squirrels (read: rats with big tails).  Because of this they’re always around and out on my fire escape.  Because I don’t have AC, I leave my windows open.  Yesterday when I was sitting on my bed reading, one of the squirrels that frequently runs across my window sill stopped, put his front legs in my window and looked around.  These furry little bastards also ate a peach I put in the window to ripen in the sun.  I’m so over bugs and animals…and I want to go chew out the cat lady for attracting more than need be nearby!