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This week:

Sunday: Jets v. Dolphins game in NJ 

Monday: Panic! at the Disco and Gym Class Heros for Advertising Week

Tuesday: Gym and tv premiers

Wednesday: Gym; Practice premiers!

Thursday: Casino Night!

Friday: Sleep?

Saturday: Cape May to hang out with my aunt and uncle!

 It is premiere week…exciting!  Good think I got my DVR working this weekend!!


Last rooftop party of the summer…

I am ligitimately and genuinely embarrassed.

Last night I went out to a party with a bunch of people I work with that was being hosted by a company we work with.  It was on this awesome rooftop in midtown and the weather was perfect!  I started with wine, didn’t have dinner, and then ended up on champaigne…I don’t know how much I had because my boss had the bottle and just kept refilling my glass.  There was an ice louge shaped like a giant platform heel that I made sure to stay away from.   Somehow a beer bong came out, but it wasn’t the kind you see at college parties, those are like auto part store funnels.  This was like grocery store funnel.  People bonged beers and when the beer ran out we used champaign instead.  Classy.

So it was a 70s themed party and one of the girls wore a short, hot pink wig to the party that I somehow ended up with at the end of the night.  We cabbed it to a bar in the east village about 12 and I didn’t have the sense to take the wig off.  I definitely wore it out and to the bar. 

So my boss, whose friend I’ve been out with a couple times asked how things are going with the friend.  I told him I don’t think it’s going anywhere.   Then the guy texted me and my boss said to tell him hi, so I did…and I also told him I told my boss that this isn’t going to go anywhere.  I am absolutely embarassed this morning.  Looks like I’ll be disappearing from him, cause it’s certainly not going to go anywhere after that.

 So when I decided to leave the bar and walk the 3 blocks home in my short, hot pink wig which I should not have done alone at 1am, one of the guys I work with insisted he walk me out.  I thought maybe he was going to be creepy and try to kiss me or something.  Instead he was creepy and offered me coke.  He asked if I wanted it and I said no, so then he asked me not to tell anyone.  Why would you offer a random person you don’t know well and work with coke when they had expressed no interest to anyone whatsoever?  And then why would you ask that they not tell anyone?!?  Note to self: avoid that guy.  Granted, coke is everywhere in New York, but it creeped me out.  I had expressed no interest!

Anyway, the way I feel today is that I don’t want to drink with work people every again, but I absolutely know I will.  Whatever.

Definitely woke up this morning and had no idea how I had gotten home.  I had to think really hard about it…but I have no headache and that is good.  I’m just super hungry.  Good thing somsone is bringing us breakfast at 10. 

In 18 hours…

I spent something around $600 and I spent it on these:



Wide Leg Jeans

A sweater in navy

A  maroon shirt 

A skirt

A shirt to go out in

 I feel like there was more.  Guess not…but I did also see SuperBad, so it’s all good. Chick-a-chick-a-yeeeaaahhh.

I am jealous of smokers

And what I mean by that is this:

Different people have different ways of relieving stress.  I am a runner and a baker.  Some people smoke.  All through college I consistently ran and baked when I probably should have been studying or reading or brainstorming (although I do do quite a bit of thinking while I am running).  When I get overworked or stressed out I go for a run to get away for a little bit and make myself, or I turn on stupid tv and make cookies (but not to eat, I don’t like cookies very much).  It’s just what I do, it’s what makes me feel better.

So the last two days have been the longest, craziest days between two major campaigns I work on going live.  One is all over the internet (as well as tv and everything else) and most likely you will see it.  It has been a nightmare between all the sites we’re working with, the creative agency not knowing what in the world they’re really supposed to be doing, and the spokes person’s “people.”  Yesterday my boss was out of the office, so it was up to me to handle everything that was going on with this campaign, there is still a lot that’s not right, and launch another campaign as well.  By the end of the day I’d had a few of those moments where you feel completely useless, put your face in your hands, and just sort of pout.  As I was leaving about 9:15, my boss went outside to smoke and that’s when I had this thought.

 I was leaving my stressful day to go run it out.  I had to go to the gym; All he had to do was walk out the door and light a long cylindrical, tobacco filled piece of paper.  In the sense that smokers can walk outside all day long, light up and get away from things I am jealous.  I have to wait until the end of my day (or maybe lunch if I get one – which wouldn’t work because the afternoons seem to be the most crazy) to leave and go to the gym.  Also, back in the day, when I was working at the bar, it was the smoking employees who got breaks, but I didn’t smoke and I didn’t get breaks. 

On a side note, smokers have got to be some of the most dedicated people!  It can be 10 degrees outside, windy and drizzling and you will still see them outside of buildings everywhere. 

But my chances of getting cancer are already high enough, I think I will stick to running.

Is there a difference?

On Sept 11, 2001 the United States was attacked by terrorists who were part of Osama Bin Laden’s network.  Every time OBL releases a video or a letter the media eats it up and it makes news for a week.  This is the man who is probably most heavily responsible for nearly 3000 people dying on 9/11 as well as US embassy attacks, a bombing of the WTC in the early 90’s and a bombing of the U.S.S. Cole.  Who knows what more this man is capable of and will do in his lifetime as well as pass on to others to do.

Now, in the spring of this year a student at Virginia Tech went crazy and in the worst college shooting ever killed 33 people.  He sent a video tape to the media that he made on the day of his shooting in between 2 different instances.  It had a short lived airing and was quickly removed from the media.  People did not want to glorify this “monster” and play his “propaganda” on tv.

Please, someone explain to me the difference!  Why is it not ok to play the tape of a guy who shot and killed 33 people and himself, but it is alright to play the tape of a well known terrist responsible for multiple attacks and the loss of thousands of lives.  Why is he not taken off the air?  Why give him the attention and the outlet?!  Something just seems so wrong.


So it has been widely accepted that Britney Spears is a train wreck.  I’ve known it.  In fact, I was never really crazy about her.  I think she had one song when I was a freshman in college that I really liked, but that’s about it.  I certainly never bought an album.  When she fell off I wasn’t surprised and the fact that she can’t get it back together doesn’t surprise me.  I actually root for her to screw up, it’s more entertaining, however, there has to be a point where it’s just sad.  I love a good Britney laugh, but last’s night’s MTV VMAs were so sad that I didn’t laugh, I sat with my hand over my mouth waiting for the end.  If you didn’t see it, youtube it.  Britney looked SO uncomfortable.  It was pathetic.  She wasn’t into it at all…she was stumbling, she was wearing something that a mother of two small children should not be wearing.  What Britney needed to do last night was A. get a new hairdresser and B. wear something that covered her body.  If she wore something flattering and came back with a little confidence (although it must be hard with everyone against you) she could have redeemed herself, but I think she succeeded in showing everyone she’s finished.  It’s almost sad.  Almost.

 Another funny from the night: Justin Timberlake.  He was presented with best male artist of the year or something and the girls who presented his award were Lauren, Audrina and Whitney from The Hills.  At the end of his acceptance speach he said something to the effect of “hey MTV, play music videos, quit with the stupid reality tv.”  There was a large cheer from the crowd.  I wonder what the girls who’d just presented his award were thinking.  Quite funny.

 Finally.  I wish Chris Brown were 5 years older and I wish he lived, I dunno, in the other half of my apt.  I have the biggest, most illegal crush on him.  Awesome. 

I don’t feel that bad

I should be out in that driveway
Stoppin’ you
Tears should be rollin’ down
My cheek
And I don’t know why
But I’m not fallin’ apart like I usually do
And how the thought of losin’ you’s
Not killin me

I feel bad
That I can stand here strong,
Cold as stone
Seems so wrong, I can’t explain it
Maybe it’s just I’ve cried so much
I’m tired and I’m numb, baby I hate it
I feel bad
That I don’t feel bad

I could let myself be angry over
Wasted time
And sad about just throwin’ love away
Yeah, I almost wish my heart
Was breaking
But I can’t lie
All I want to do is turn the page

Bitter, alone
I just feel it’s time – time to
Move on
I just gotta move on and on and
On and on – yeah

Maybe it’s just I’ve cried so much
I’m tired and I’m numb
Oh baby, I hate it
I feel bad
That I don’t feel bad
No, I don’t feel bad