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I must admit, I am 100% out of touch with gas prices. Living in New York and not owning a car or driving does that to you. Maybe if I was an investment banker or even remotely interested in the stock market I’d have a better idea? In my head, a gallon of gas should cost $2.50 because that’s what it cost the last time I drove, but I can remember gas costing $0.99 which makes $2 a little more of what I think it really ought to cost. In reality, it’s what, $4 a gallon? Clearly, this is like monopoly to me. It’s not real.

Unfortunately, for so many people I know, this is a very real, very upsetting part of every day life. As a product of the rise in the price of gas, several friends have posted about riding or buying bikes on Facebook, which I am more than supportive of. I love it! I want a bike so badly and I would get one if I wasn’t certain I’d be hit by a cab and die. Some day, when we leave New York I’ll get a bike. 1. Because I’ll want to go on bike rides with my children like my parents did with me. 2. Because it’s healthy. 3. Because, in my idealistic mind, I’ll ride it to work which will keep me healthy and save me gas money. (I’m aware there are also environmental benefits, but if I’m being completely honest, that’s not at the top of my priority list, money, not sitting in rush hour traffic, and health are.)

All these posts and comments from friends have made me start thinking about the kind of bike I’d like to get when I get one. Something in a fun color. A hybrid – not like a hybrid car, but a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. I’m not going to be competitively racing, nor will I been in the woods. Something under $700 and over $300. I feel like this puts me in the not exorbitantly expensive but not poor quality area. Don’t misunderstand, however, this does not mean I won’t buy something on sale or discounted. I want a name I know and something that has good reviews. I will probably end up with a Trek, but who knows. Just in looking around for pictures for this post, I found many manufacturers are making “Town” bikes. I’ll definitely be researching more before buying, but here are a couple that caught my eye:


Nikon D3000

I have had the same camera for almost 6 years. I had it in college, I had it through grad school and I’ve had it here with me in New York for the last few years. It has been dropped, it has become outdated, and it has started to show signs of its age. For the last couple of years I’ve wanted a new camera, but not really felt the explicit need for one. In the last couple years, I’ve also become much more interested in photography and taking pretty pictures.

Enter Nikon D3000:

I’ve made the decision to spend the most money I can remember spending on just one thing, other than furniture, and consider it an investment. I’ve been wrestling with the idea for a couple of weeks, but finally decided just to bite the bullet, because we all know I will eventually give in and buy it and the longer I procrastinate, the more reason I’ll have to kick myself later for not having it and missing pictures I wish I’d been able to capture appropriately.

New camera, ordered. Pit in stomach from amount spent, gained. Overall happiness, promised.

I want:

This! Because, well, it’s cute. My only concern is that the site says for cold drinks only. I want to put tea in it!

Ribbon Coat Rack


I am OBSESSED with this ribbon coat rack for £60 by UK company Headsprung. I can actually picture it just inside my door on this big blank wall we have. I really wish it was in the US and cheaper!

I want:

Military Coat

I found this on my desktop – surely I saved it there to blog about…but then I didn’t. I’m not sure where it’s from, but I want it!

I Heart

Picture 1
Hodges via Aldo

Picture 2
Barumini via Aldo

Picture 3
Trina Turk Allegra Dress in signature “Watercolor Plaid”

Albeit Jewelry

So it turns out Jenny Lu, an up and coming designer has a line of beautiful necklaces and I want all of them. I have recently fallen in love with delicate, feminine gold pieces and these fall right into that category. The name of her endeavor is Albeit.

I found out about this jewelry via mint.

But really, I want the M (for Misslissa of course!), the *, the +, the {, and the 8. I would also want the zero if she had one!