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The Domain

So I was supposed to be going to the Domain to work at the new store when it opens. Then, last week, because it was “drastic Thursday,” Josh, the manager who was supposed to take over the Barton Creek store decidedto quit. After that, even though he put in his 2 weeks he didn’t really work another shift. Because of this, we had to cover all his shifts and rearrange our schedules. Then the other MIT was told she’d be taking over our store. When she was she told our district manager that she wanted to keep me because I’m better than the other key holder and she didn’t think she’d be as good at training as the manager going to the Domain. She is the one who has been responsible for training all of management and most of the part time employees for the new store and the team taking over the old store. When she told the DM that she wants to keep me, the DM said ok and told me that I was going to be staying at Barton Creek.

I was really excited about going to the Domain, it’s a nicer mall and it’s so much closer to home…much better drive. There’s nothing I can say, I don’t have much of a choice, so Barton Creek is where I’ll be staying.

None of this stopped me from having to sit in our unfinished store for six and a half hours today waiting on someone to come install the computer. He never came. Tomorrow I have to be back at 8:30 again. I wish I was going to be working there.


Freaking Grey’s

Ok, I love Grey’s Anatomy, I have the first 2 seasons on DVD, but they’re gonna lose me really fast with all this drama crap. Every week there’s some new huge drama. There aren’t any episodes with just witty banter in them anymore. What happened to the fun, care free, funny intern dialogue? I miss it! They can’t kill Meredith Grey, the show is about her, what are they going to call it? Anatomy? Can we please quit trying to be Days of Our lives and get back on with the show? I realize it’s sweeps, but who really needs a 3 part series? They’re getting on my nerves.

Things to do in Austin, Texas:

-2 for 1 burger night at Hut’s (Wednesday)
-$.99 margerita happy hour at El Arroyo (Thursday afternoons)
-Mexican martinis and stuffed avacados at Trudy’s
-Watch a game at Pluckers
-Eat at the Oasis on Lake Travis
-Eat at Hula Hut on Lake Austin
-Watch the bats at the south congress bridge (sunset in the summer)
-Check out the view from Mt. Bonnell
-Tour the state capitol
-Float the Guadalupe and then eat at the Gristmill (summer)
-Canoe/walk/run/celebrity watch at townlake (it’s really a river)
-Swim at Barton Springs (summer)
-Play volleyball at Zilker Park
-See a midnight movie at the Alamo Drafthouse
-Eat breakfast hung over at Juan in a Million
-Have BBQ at the original County Line (Off Bee Caves past 360)
-Walk around 1st Thursday on south Congress (1st Thursday of every month)
-Eat lunch on the balcony at (the original) Whole Foods; great MoPac Sandwich!
-Eat Crawfish off the table at the Boiling Pot
-Pete’s Piano Bar on 6th
-Get dessert at the Melting Pot (Fondue)
-6th Street (some bars include: Soho, Blind Pig, Aquarium, The Library, Logan’s, Mooseknuckle, Dizzy Rooster, Chuggin Monkey, Spy Bar [for dancing])
-4th and 5th Streets (Cuba Libre, Six Lounge, Foundation, Gruv, Glass, Prague, Speakeasy, Red Fez, Lucky Lounge)
-Union Park and Belmont (bars on 6th Street but in a different area than the others…these bars are nicer like 4th and 5th Streets)
-Copa (salsa dancing)
-Swim at spring fed Hamilton Pool (summer)
-Sing along with the Spazmatics at Cedar St. (Wednesday night)
-Midnight Mag Mud at Magnolias after the bar
-Get ice cream at Amy’s

Feel free to contribute any other suggestions!

The prof

So there’s this prof who comes into our store fairly regularly and all the girls swoon over him. Well, one day we were talking about how I’m getting my masters and what in and blah. blah. blah. Turns out one of my favorite profs is on his PhD board (he is working on it and teaching at UT), so last week I said something to her about him and how we all think he’s pretty. She told me his name and, not even gonna lie, I checked myspace to see if he was on there. He was, but his profile was set to private…dammit…no stalking for me. He was, however, online…so I sent him the message. What the hell…I sent him a message?? Who am I?!? He messaged me back and came into the store not long after. He said something to the girls about having me myspace him during class. Watch me feel stupid.

So Friday night I was at Prague with the girls and I went outside to make a phone call. Who comes walking by but the prof and some douchy friend. They came in with me and wanted to meet my friends. The prof ignored one of my best friends…probably because of her physical appearance…nevermind that she is beautiful. No more points for him. Strike one, he’s out. You ignore her and I ignore you. He later left without saying goodbye. I was done.

Then, yesterday I checked my myspace and he sent me a message when he got home telling me we should hang out and he sent me his phone number. Boooo. No, I think I’m good.

This weekend

Chontae dragging me away from short Mexican guy trying to hit on me in the street…
Him: What? I can’t tell your friend she’s hot?
Tash: We’ve already heard that tonight and I don’t think her boyfriend would appreciate it.
Haha, nice Tash…just one question…what boyfriend? :-D

Guy trying to hit on my by talking to me about my fake engagement ring that he thought was real…
Him: So, where’s your fiance?
Me: Um, he doesn’t live in Austin.
Sharen’s friend walks up…
Friend: I’m her fiance, so maybe you should go.
Haha, oops!

Lots of brown people standing nearby looking at Sharen and not Aarti because they saw her “engagement” ring…
Aarti to Sharen: Look, it’s like a whole village
They move closer to Sharen and Aarti drags us away…
Aarti: We had to move, all the brown people were congregating around Sharen.

Discussing how both of them can pass for things other than Indian:
Sharen: Well, you don’t look like an Indian girl, you’re pretty.

Feb. 14th

Please don’t assume that I hate Valentine’s Day and that I’m a ridiculous cynic, neither are true. With that I will say, I’m not sure how Valentine’s Day was made so successfully commercial. It seems like on this one random day of the year men MUST show their love or they are in the dog house or on the couch. How did this happen? Why is it that a man must show his lone specifically on this day? Why can it not be done on any or every day through the year? Why is it that women must be showered with wonderful treatment? Women don’t get in trouble if they don’t plan something wonderful for the guy in their life, he doesn’t really care. Think about all the pressure and expectations guys have to deal with and live up to. I simply don’t understand it.

I am in no way opposed to being given flowers, taken to dinner, given a gift to express sentiment, and romanced, but why today? Why only today? It’s much less expected on another random day of the year and thus sweeter because it does not feel forced, it feels like something he wanted to do. I want him to want to do these things for me, not do them because today he has to or only because I expect it. And if I expect him to do something to prove his love for me, what kind of a person am I? I shouldn’t expect anything; what entitled me to expectations of being spoiled? I am happy with what I get.

So, on Valentine’s Day, I feel bad for American men. I don’t like the way this holiday functions or what it has evolved into. But, again I will say, I am certainly not opposed to the nice things that come with it. Oh, and I recieved some gorgeous tulips today…thanks Mom! :-D

My second Saturday

Today I sold over $1800. I worked from 1:30 to close. We left about 10:20. The store was a mess and it took us a while to close. I remember the store being “slow” for a total of about 3 minutes the whole time I was there until the last hour when it kind of dropped off. I got there and the next thing I knew it was 6:30. Craziness. I took about 10 minutes to get food and eat. Then all of the sudden it was 9. Crazy. Today went fast. People were sick, so there weren’t enough people there and we were crazy busy. All is good though, my feet just hurt.