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A very New York night

Friday night I spent the evening with two girlfriends and had a night you could only experience in New York. We hopped in a cab and headed to the Ukranian Institute after work where we went to watch the St. John fashion show.


We ended up sitting front row and I was 3 people away from Gloria Estefan, who was incredibly nice, incredibly gracious and incredibly tiny.

The show was fantastic. There were these amazing red pants that I wanted, along with a brown sequined pencil skirt. I would wear them every day…or every other day.


On the way out we caught sight of Kate Winslet who is apparently the face of their line. She was wearing red tights – my favorite.

After the show, we headed over to the Carlyle where we grabbed a table at the bar, got a round of drinks and caught up over the jazz of the bar piano player. The woman sitting at the table next to us happened to be an opera singer. She joined in to sing a few of the songs. So amazing.


Seriously, where else can someone have a night like this. So iconic!

Oh, and yesterday at brunch with my girlfriends, I was checking out this girl’s amazing pants. She turned around and it was Eva Pickford. Only during fashion week.


Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Last night I went to the Radio City Music Hall and saw the Christmas Spectacular! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the Rockettes. It was definitely very kid friendly, but it was cute. I enjoyed myself and can now say I’ve both been to Radio City Music Hall and seen the Rockettes.

They did all kinds of dancing from ballet to tap. I was really surprised that the girls actually sang while dancing and they sounded so good. I was very impressed. Not with the child 3 rosw in front of us who threw a tantrum for 45 minutes, but with the show for sure.

Also, some of the schwag they had was crazy. Martini glasses with kicking legs, fans with skirts that spin parallel to the floor as if dancing – all kinds of kooky things.

During the show, I had kind of an idiot moment. There’s a scene where some kids are reading the Christmas story from the Bible. I was like…this is really weird that they have this in there. Why would they include this? That is how much NYC has worn on me. Helloooooo?!? Christmas is one of the major pillars of the Christian religion. Why would that NOT be included?! In my New York mind people would be upset or angry that that was included because they may not be Christian and so many people here are so touchy. But how do you have a Christmas spectacular without including that?! I felt a little ashamed that I actually had that thought.

I’m on a Boat!

NY On a Boat

Please forgive the quality of this picture, I was on a moving boat and couldn’t hold still. Last Thursday night we went to a booze cruise (kind of). It was on a barge that is anchored between Jersey City, the financial district and Ellis Island. There was a big speed boat that functioned as a taxi out there. Very, very cool.

Yankees v Red Socks

Last Thursday I went to the Yankee’s v Red Socks game in the new Yankee’s Stadium. It’s the second time I’ve been there and that place is pretty great. This time we sat in the Audi Club. It’s definitely not the same experience as sitting in a regular seat, but it was very conducive to the social aspects of a baseball game. It was great to be there for the Yankee’s to be the Red Socks for the first time in 8 games.

Audi Club

The food there was definitely amazing. My only complaint about the night is that you didn’t get the roudy atmosphere of the game because we were behind a wall of glass. On the flip side, it was pretty quiet which, depending on who you are, could be really nice. Like watching the game at home, but cooler.

Dutch Kills

DK Door

Friday night we walked to a new bar in Long Island City, Dutch Kills. It was probably about a mile from our apt and a bit of a walk, but it was definitely nice out and I was in flat sandals. It was a bar my roommate had heard about and wanted to go to. I was a little apprehensive and from the name of it I was imagining black, skulls and tattoo style roses.

Dutch Kills

As we were walking up, my other roommate’s sister, who is in town visiting, said, “Are we going to that place with the sign flashing ‘BAR’ outside?” We could only really say, I think so..


I was very pleasantly surprised when we walked in. The door was just a solid, dark metal door and seemed a bit sketchy. Inside, however, it is a long, narrow place with dark wood on the walls and ceiling. The first half of the establishment is table that fit 4-6 and 2. Past that is the area where the bar is located and beyond that is a small area with a couch or 2 and a piano. The floor in this area was painted dark and sprinkled with saw dust. This is where the live jazz band hung out. On the bar was a ton of fresh fruit stacked in bowls. Behind the bar was a huge block of ice that it looks like they cut from to put in drinks, high end liquors, chalk boards listing the drinks of the season (they change as the fruits that are in season do). Guiseppe Gonzalez took our order, diligently made our drinks, paying attention to every detail, lined them on the bar, and explained each, complete with the story of their origins before doling them out. The whole place had a very 1920s feel to me. I would definitely go back.

My week

I’m pretty busy this week!

Monday: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and get Grimaldi’s with Jill
Tuesday: Sit n Knit Meetup. I am making this:
XO Wrap
Wednesday: 3 different Happy Hours/Parties for work
Thursday: Going away party for one of my colleagues who is moving to Chicago.
Friday: Kings of Leon concert at the Today Show
Saturday: 2 birthday parties and a wedding that I’m not going to be able to make it to (I’m really sad about that).

Busy, busy, busy

Overheard in New York – at dinner

Last week tbf and I went out to dinner and as we were getting our drinks and getting situated, two girls who were leaving walked by our table. They were talking about a friend of theirs who is very cheap. One of the girls was telling the other one that he is dating a girl who is bulimic. Apparently when this guy found out about his gf’s said condition he got really upset and wanted to stop taking her out to dinner from then on. The reason he wanted to stop taking her out wasn’t because she had an eating disorder, it was because he felt that taking her out to eat was a waste of his money.