Monthly Archives: September 2006

Reasons UT sucks

-they only take Mastercard or Discover
-you can’t pick and choose what you want to be shown on the directory. It’s either all or nothing.
-if it’s nothing they don’t discuss anything with you in any way other than in person (restricting your directory info should NOT effect things other than just what people can and can’t stalk you by)
-they give you your financial aid before it’s paid for all your hours and then threaten to cancel your enrollment for not paying
-the rec and gregory combined don’t have as much work out stuff as the rec at Tech
-they have time limits on their cardio equipment
-there’s no parking near either the rec or gregory during school hours
-neither are close to the bus stop and it’s up hill to it after you’ve worked out at either
-on top of the fees you are paying as a student to use the rec/gregory, if you want to take an aerobics class you have to pay $65 a semester. What if you want to take aerobics, pilates and kick boxing? That’s $195 for the semester. Ridiculous.


Mike’s great!

Mike: shouldn’t you be out? being popular?
Me: Nah, I didn’t feel like it. I’m not popular.
Ha! Well, I’m about to go out. :-P

Some guys need a lot of help…

I want to start out with a question I can’t quite figure out the answer to. When did “damn girl.” become a pick up line? Who does it work on? I don’t like it.

Yesterday I was at work and these guys came in who said they were asking every girl they saw to put on this pink lipstick they had and kiss a little card for them. They were going to pick the best and go get tattoos. Weird. They said after they get them done they’re going to go back to all the places they had girls kiss cards and show them. Ok, I have so many issues with this. A. It’s creepy. B. It’s weird. C. How many other girl have used that lipstick? I don’t know where they’ve been. D. I don’t want some random guys I don’t know walking around with my lips on them for the next 70 years. Ok, I could keep going, but I’m sure you get it. I know that when the guy asked me to do it I gave him a very skeptical, maybe accusing look. I mean, come on, it is a little serial-rapist-weird. Then he proceeded to tell me he makes $5000 a month and drives a Mercedes. It’s no Bentley…but come on. I hate that there are so many women out there impressed by money that men use that as a pick up. It doesn’t impress me at all. You’re going to have to give me something to work with here. I know I gave him the “you’re an idiot” look, or maybe the “and I should be impressed because?” look. Either way, I was not impressed. Who does that?

unfortunate life events happen all the time

So life seems like it’s been getting revenge on people lately. Will it ever stop? My aunt died in November, two days before Thanksgiving. That was the hardest death I’ve had to deal with yet. Then, in July, my uncle was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Survival rates for that disease are almost none. Mom told me yesterday that one of our good family friends/neighbors has been having mini strokes and they don’t know what’s causing them. Then, yesterday my best friend’s 3 year old brother was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor that surrounds his brain stem and cannot be operated on. He’s 3! Our old priest has testicular cancer.

Operation 116

So it’s going well. Some of you know what that means, some of you don’t. If this helps explain it or not at all…I have 23 to go. I’m fat. I remember when I was in high school and I thought what I weigh right now was so heavy. Oh well, I’ve gone to the gym every day this week and been kicking my butt. It’s been good. We had a football game last night too. That was good times. At the half we were down 9-8. We finished the game 40-9. It was a great time. Anyway, I’ve been doing cardio and weights and I’ve been eating well since I moved back to Austin. Can’t wait to see where I’m at in a month. My goal is to be at 130 by Oct. 17th. Ready? Do it!

Oh, I can’t run either. I was planning to run the Austin marathon in February. It’s not gonna work out and that makes me sad. It’s one of my life goals. One day I’m going to do it. As for now I’m gonna go to the orthopedist and stick to ellipticals. I have an appointment Monday and hopefully he can fix me…my toes fall asleep when I run and my ankles, shins/calves, and knees hurt so bad after I run about a mile and a half that I can almost not walk. We’ll find out Monday.

my dry humor

So apparently I am funny, contrary to what I’ve always been told. Yay! I’ve always been funny to me. It’s how I entertain myself. I figure, if my thought are entertaining to me, then maybe they will be to someone else too…so I say them. I don’t have much of a filter. It really is very entertaining to me. And it’s free. Cheap entertainment was never a bad thing. Anyway, in the last 2 days 4 people have made a comment to me that I’m funny. Cool. Glad it works out for someone else too. I know that I suck at jokes. I can hardly get a one liner out right. Apparently my dry humored little comments are funny though. Good times. I make OPH laugh and that makes me happy. I make my mom laugh, but she’s my mom. She has to laugh at me. It’s like a science project. Even if I just peel an orange and stick it on cardboard, she has to be proud of me. I make my best friends laugh…but much like the mom thing, they kinda have to. Good times all around. I’m amusing. Woot!

Too much late at night, too little brain function

One of us, but I can’t remember who…I mean, we’re pretty much the same person anyway:
Women of Austin, click yourselves!
The other one: Click this!

(Don’t leave Tash and me alone…ever.)

Me: Jeremiah was a bullfrog…
Tash:duh duh duh
Was a good friend of mine…
duh duh duh
But I never ever ever heard a word he said…
something something rhymes with said