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Purple Chevron Infinity Scarf

If I have no inspiration, I have a difficult time getting dressed. I am usually inspired by something I see on tv, something I see someone else wearing, the seasons, past outfits I’ve put together – something. I rarely, if ever, walk into my closet without an idea for an outfit and end up feeling cute that day. My best outfits have outside inspiration. Occasionally, however, I’ll dream something up that I don’t think I’ve seen before and it works out great.

The same thing happens with me and knitting projects. Occasionally a pattern will really strike me, or sometimes I’ll go home and recreate something I’ve seen in a store, but other times (like the scarf I’ve just finished), I’ll dream something up based on something else.

Last year when I went to San Francisco for my birthday, I stopped in a knitting shop near my friend’s house and picked up some lovely purple yarn by Misti Alpaca, not knowing what I was going to do with it – as knitters do.

Earlier this spring, when I was just starting my infatuation with all the bright colors the stores were coming out with and all the spring scarves out there, I decided I wanted to make myself a scarf with my purple yarn to wear through the spring. I’ve also been really taken by chevron lately and I haven’t really seen any chevron scarves out there. Trendy but something only I have? Sounds right up my alley.

So, here’s what I ended up with. It’s so soft and warm and lovely. Maybe a little long, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate that in the fall when I can wrap it around my neck three times.

I adapted a pattern from Knit and Purl. I found something I liked and worked it into this infinity scarf pattern. I love having something like this that I know no one else has.


Nate & Stephanie’s Wedding Present

In September of 2011, the hub’s sister got married and we wanted to give them something personal that not everyone would be able to give them. Since I knit, we thought it would be nice to give them a big blanket to snuggle up with during the cold Chicago winters. I gave myself about two months before the wedding to get the blanket done, which was a gross underestimate of the amount of time it would actually take me. I probably spent 60 hours or more, went through close to 3000 yards of yarn and finally finished this project in February. That’s 7 months. I have now learned my lesson when it comes to making gifts and the amount of time I allow myself.

The picture is coming out really grey here, but is actually much more green in person.

I used a pattern from Cables and Arans as the base for my pattern for the blanket.

At the end of the day, I’m super happy with the way the blanket turned out and I hope they are too!

Birthday Trip to San Francisco

For my birthday this year, I decided to forgo the party thing and travel alone instead. I’ve been saying for years that I want to go visit a friend in San Francisco, so that’s just what I did. I went out on Thursday, came back on Tuesday and while I was there I:

Ate Ma Po Tofu at Mission Chinese Food. #1 on the 7×7 2011 Big Eat List.

Visited Pixar

Saw Alcatraz, the Painted Ladies and a beautiful sunset.

Drove over the Golden Gate Bridge on the way to Visit Napa

Watched the Superbowl

Saw the Sea Lions, went to Union Square (lame), explored the California Academy of Sciences.

Played Trampoline Dodgeball at the SF House of Air – we need one of those in NY!

On my way home I started a new knitting project. It’s a lace scarf. A 5 hour flight and this how far I got.

Club Monaco Chaya Knit Headband

A couple weeks ago, a friend asked me if I could make a gray headband/ear warmer for her. I told her I absolutely could and that I even had an idea of what I wanted to do. I had recently seen a headband at Club Monaco that I thought was cute and would be super easy to make:

I grabbed some yarn from my stash that I had left over from a hat I made a while back that was perfect and set out to recreate the headband. Four hours later, I had this. Pretty darn close if you ask me!


I FINALLY finished the socks I started making a year ago! The problem with sock, or gloves, or anything you make in twos is that you finish the first, are so happy to have it finished…and then you have to start all over to make the second. This is why so many people learn the “magic loop” method, where you’re able to knit both socks on the same needles at the same time. This way when you finish, you’re done and you don’t have to start all over on the second. It also ensures everything is the same length and has the same number of rows. I started the first sock last Easter and finished it within a month. I didn’t start the second until Christmas and I just couldn’t get into it – it took me 4 months…

Anyway, I’m done and they’re beautiful and I’m so proud of them!

Purl New York

Yesterday I took a trip to Purl, not knowing they had just moved to a much, much larger location where they have combined their yarn and fabric stores. The result is gorgeous. I spent at least a half hour there and would love to spend half my day just browsing the books and admiring the beautiful design of the space.

This wall is to the right of the door and right inside the front window. Just perfect.

This is where the registers are – I LOVE it! I want a wall like this at home!

Winding Rivers Cowl

I’ve been working on this cowl for a couple of weeks called the Winding Rivers cowl. I saw another girl with it who’d made it and really liked it, so I made one of my own. I took pictures down on the pier yesterday before I sewed it together so that I could have a pic of it laid out flat. Doesn’t it look cool?