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So I told Morgan that I would hang out with her while I was here in Katy. Last night we met up at Whisky Mill about 9 o’clock, watched the hockey game (the Wings won, woohoo!), and girl talked. Morgan’s great. We were talking about someone we both have a mutual dislike for, and this guy sitting on a side of the bar that was perpendicular to where we were interrupted her and asked, “Did you say bitch?” She said yes and he told her to go over there. She said, no, she was comfortable, to come to where we were. He did. His friend who was in the bathroom joined us shortly. They put it on pretty thick. They were both wearing wedding rings for which we called both of them out. One said his wife was in Switzerland and the other said his wife has a boyfriend. Wow, great morals, huh? They ended up buying us a bunch of drinks and then paying our tabs. They laid it on so thick though, it was gross. Every time an older guy hits on my I ask them how old they are so that I can tell them they are the same age as my father. One was 5 years younger than him. The other was 3 years older. Gag me. I told him that he is older than both of my parents. He didn’t care.

At some point the younger guy, Brian, told us that Tim, the older one, is the CEO of Halliburton. Yeah. Right. I know I’m young, but I’m not that young. This morning I decided to look him up. He’s not the guy listed on the website as the CEO, but there sure is a picture of him on there. Wow.


don’t hold my hand

June 5th I will be in New York working to become a grown up. I will be expected to do work. Good work. I will be expected to be proactive and to know what to do and how to do it. I want to do that. I want to live up to the expectations of me and surpass them. I want to work longer and harder and accomplish more at a higher level of quality than expected. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself and I hope that I can do it.

So far in life I have always had someone holding my hand and telling me exactly what to do. It’s weird to get used to that not happening in grad school. They essentially say, “write a paper.” It’s up to me to decide what I want to write about and then to determine how long it needs to be. I am given 2 months to do it and it is up to me when I want to start and finish and turn it in. Crazy. I’m having to get used to it. People expect more and guide less. I like that, but I feel like I need to grow into it.

Every job I have ever had I have been watched over and told what to do and how to do it. I assume there will be a lot of guidance this summer, but I think I will be given a lot more freedom and they will expect me to know what I am doing. They hired grad students as interns and undergrads as interns. They expect us (the grad students) to help, lead, and teach the undergrads. I hope I can do it. I hope I can live up to expectations. I want to do more than is required. I want to go above and beyond. I am ready. Let’s do this!

I am a snob

My grandparents are currently in town. I see them very rarely. When I get the opportunity to spend time with them, I take advantage of it. They’re awesome! Today I drove home to my parent’s house so that I can hang out with them for the next 48 hours. While I was driving down the main road that gets me from the highway to my parent’s house, I passed a family (I’m assuming) of 3 in an old, maroon, Mercury(?) Dynasty. In the back seat you could see the material on the ceiling inside the car falling/peeling off. A lot. They didn’t look like they had a lot of money. The first thought that crossed my mind was Katrina. Things are always changing, of course, but it’s weird to go home and see your neighborhood/area changing. Thousands of people moved to Houston from Louisiana because of the hurricane. Since then the crime rate has gone up in Houston and particularly in the area my parents live. It is a very nice area. It was just weird to see a family today on my way home that seemed to have a demographic that I hadn’t experienced any other time I’ve been here. Lower income families are starting to move into this area I guess. It was weird. I am pretty sure I have never seen anyone driving a Dynasty here before. That is something I would expect to see in Lubbock or Austin even, but not here. I am not judging them or saying they don’t belong, don’t get me wrong. Just understand that I graduated with 13 black people, there aren’t a lot of them here and that people in this area are judged and prove their “status” by what they drive. It was odd to see. New to me. It stood out in the monotony I suppose.

trying something new

Normally when I encounter someone I don’t like or don’t want to like, I just act like they don’t exist. Totally bitchy, I know. I ignore them, don’t look at them when they’re looking at me, don’t say hi, don’t try to get to know them, etc. This proves to be difficult when they live 20 feet away from you. So, I have resolved to try something different for a change. I am trying to be nice. *gasp* Amazing, I know. It all started Sunday night with the BBQ. The guys asked if she had invited me. She said no. My door was open (we were just starting to make dinner) because it was nice out and the girls were coming. She came up, knocked, and invited us down. It was a nice, I’m guessing semiforced, gesture. I politely declined and thanked her for the invitation. Monday I decided to send her a message on facebook thanking her. Why not. She returned it yesterday with a no problem. What will being nice hurt? My pride maybe, but not much else…and I could stand to be more nice in uncomfortable situations. If she wants to be a jerk and hate me, great, good, fine. I will not do it. Let her hate me. I will try to say hi when I see her now. It is resolved.

True or False?

I am a cuddler- As often as I am allowed; oh so true.

I am a morning person- I’m becomming more of one as I grow up…but still very false.

I am a perfectionist- In everything I do

I am an only child- false

I am currently in my pajamas- false

I am currently pregnant- Very false

I am currently single- what is in between true and false?

I am currently suffering from a broken heart- false

I am left handed- true and proud

I am addicted to myspace- false; not much of a fan.

I am online 24/7- false; I’m too cheap to pay for internet

I am very shy around the opposite gender- It depends on the situation.

I can be paranoid at times- isn’t that true of everyone?

I currently have a crush on someone- true…and he knows.

I currently regret something that I have done- true; we all make bad decisions

When I get mad I curse frequently- mostly false

I enjoy jazz music- true; I was in jazz band *nerd*

I enjoy smoothies- false, they gross me out.

I enjoy talking on the phone- mostly false, but if it’s all I got I’m ok with that.

I have a cell phone- true, it’s the only phone I’ve got.

I have a hard time paying attention at school- when I have my computer with me, true.

I have a hidden talent- I don’t think I do.

I have a lot to learn- That will never be false.

I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal- true, simply because it’s embarassing. My immediate family and one friend (out of circumstance) are the only ones who know it.

I have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” guy/girl- false, I’m really picky (and very guarded).

I have all my grandparents- true

I have at least one brother and/or sister- true

I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor- haha, true. I have a very dry sense of humor.

I have broken a bone- false, but I have had one before.

I have changed a diaper- true, I used to babysit. It happens.

I have changed a lot over the past year- False, I grew up a lot my last year of college and I think that I am now the person that I am going to be.

I have done something illegal- Well, speeding is illegal. We probably all have.

I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color- True, I’ve been dying it for a year and a half (it’s naturally blonde).

I have had major/minor surgery- True, I had my apendix out when I was 2. Almost killed me.

I have had my hair cut within the last week- False, I try to do that as little as possible.

The Sun

Saturday I went with a group of friends to the river. We floated the Comal. It was fun. The only one I’d ever done was the Guadalupe. We had a pretty big group of us. I was scared of the chutes. I’d heard bad stories. They weren’t bad. The amount of attention that group of my girl friends gets is absolutely baffeling. Every single guy we ever go near turns his head to watch them walk by. It’s crazy. We got hit on by so many idiot drunk guys. Gag me. The float is only about 2 hours, so we went twice. Lots of interesting things happened. For example, the 2 girls who didn’t need to be in white were the only 2 wearing white swim suits. I had dragonflys who were having sex land on my boob. Athena had them land on her leg, but boob trumps leg. They knew where to be. Hah. We saw 3 ducks hanging out together. Some drunk idiot decided to run them off the shore. When he did one of them was too lazt to swim, I guess. It climbed on the back on another instead of swimming. People thought that was great and the river erupted in cheers. A couple of idiots jumped off a bridge that was 25 feet or so above the water. That is a shallow river. Idiots. Some guys from the air force were floating by us. They were stupid. We apparently had 3 under age people with us. I had no idea. The cops picked one of them out of the people in the river (bad luck) to ID. She lied about her name and age. They took her to jail. Lying to the cops about who you are is a felony, don’t do it. When we were done floating we went to Rudy’s to eat. Yum. We had fun. I didn’t burn at all, it was great. The river burns everyone.

Yesterday while I was at church Keith called and invited me to go to Zilker Park to play volleyball with him and some friends. I called him back and accepted. What else was I going to do? Sit on my butt in my apartment and watch tv? Fun! So, volleyball it was. I didn’t wear any sun screen. Usually after I’ve spent this much time outside I don’t need it. I don’t burn easily. Today I am uber red. I have a tank top burn. It hurts to carry my bag around campus. I am ready to be brown again.


So in the bar not too long ago, a random girl walking by stopped and told me I have a great arch in my eyebrows. Friday on the bus going home I had a woman ask me who does them. Um…I do? They’re my eyebrows…they are the way they are. I don’t do much to them. Last night M asked me if this is the natural shape of my eyebrows or if I make them this way. Well…for me to completely change my eyebrows and keep that up would be too much work for me. I assure you, my eyebrows are the way that God made them. I am glad they look the way they do I guess. Apparently it’s nice.