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At home

I flew home last night to spend the holiday weekend with my parents, brother, aunt and uncle, and grandparents who are also flying down.  So excited.  I will also get to see two really good friends.  So yesterday I had to go through security at JFK twice because I can’t read signs and instead of ending up on the shuttle to the JetBlue terminal, I ended up in baggage claim.  Dammit.  No way they’d let me back in after that, so I had to stand in the long line again.  Today I am sore because for almost 2 hours I was standing and holding my heavy bag and my September vogue.  I swear it’s 2 inches thick.  So frustrating.  Every time a seat opened up on the hour and 15 minute subway ride a woman who wasn’t holding 50 lbs of stuff would sit down before I could shuffle to the seat and then give me this sarcastic, oops, sorry! look.  Jerks!  Anyway, so I made it through JFK without ever having to show anyone my ID.  Pretty scary when you consider they’ve recently had a bomb threat and it’s one of the busiest airports in the world.  I’m not sure I feel very safe about that.

I also found out from my mom yesterday that my 30 year old cousin whose mom died 2 years ago from ovarian cancer has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The night she received her mamogram results telling her she was cancer free she found a lump.  In our family women carry cancer genes (I didn’t know they existed), breast cancer, ovarian cancer, other kinds of cancer I can’t remember (you can get tested and they will tell you what genes you carry is you have them).  My cousin knew she had the gene and was planning to have preventative mastectomies and hysterectomy when she was 35.  I guess that was too long to wait.  Such a crazy thought.  It also freaks me out a little because she and I both had appendicitis at the same time and broke our arms at the same time.  We get sick at the same time.  We have this weird connection that our moms had (one knew when the other one went into labor and they weren’t together) and that scares me because lately I have been thinking a lot about breast cancer and checking for lumps.  Hopefully she caught it early.

As for me, I am going to spend my weekend in the pool, eating bbq, drinking margheritas, and reading magazines.  Off to run errands we go.



He posted something I sent in this week!

Not to spin

So today I called the gym to reserve myself a spot in the 7pm spin class. At 6 I knew I was going to be late, there was no way I was going to get out of work by 6:30. I left about 6:45, made it to the gym in 10 minutes, changed and went to spin class a couple mins late. Didn’t miss much. As I’m getting my bike ready the instructor walks over and asks where my water is. I looked at him in astonishment and told him I didn’t bring any. He told me to take a few minutes to go get some. I said, really? And he said yes, take a few minutes and go get some, then I could go back because we were going to be doing sprints and he couldn’t have me passing out because he would be liable. Are you kidding me? I pay to come to this gym, I pay to work out here and you’re kicking me out of the damn class I pay for? I pay your salary. You’ve got to be effing kidding me! I was so pissed off. I didn’t get water and I didn’t go back, I got just as good a work out from SportsCenter and an eliptical.  I don’t like to drink when I work out, it upsets my stomach, but I drink a lot both before and after I work out.  I am an adult and I shouldn’t be treated like a child by my gym.  Furthermore, going to get [a tube of] water [as he called it] would have required me to go to the locker room, unlock my locker, get money out of my bag, leave the gym, find a place to buy water, go back to the gym, put remaining money back in my back, relock the locker, and be like 20 minutes late to the class.  There is no doing anything “real quick” in this city.  I wasn’t going to miss half the class because this guy was concerned that I was a liability, so I did my own work out and felt just as accomplished.

Taking a break

I am taking a very short break right now.  Simply to tell you that it’s frustrating when so much of my work is waiting on other people to finish theirs so I can do things with them.  This leaves me hanging for a lot of the afternoon with little to do.  Because I am new and still catching up on things if given something to do I attempt to do it, but if I end up needing more info, the people who asked me to do it are usually unavailable for a long period of time, leaving me with nothing to do now and lots to do later.  It’s frustrating.  I just wish I knew everything about everything (like I seem to think I do sometimes).


So, I have been attempting to attend spin and pilates classes at the gym I have recently joined (my inner fat kid is trying to come out and I’m putting a stop to it) and it’s been very sporatic.  It’s difficult to get there by 6 after work seeing as most people are here til 6:30 or 7.  I mean, once I get all comfortable and stuff I suppose I could come in a bit earlier and leave a bit earlier, but right now when I’m all but sitting in peoples’ laps, I should stay until they leave, y’know?

I haven’t made it to a single Pilates class, which makes me unhappy, but they’re at such inconvenient times and there are so few a week.  *pout*  I have made it to 3 spin classes in a week and a half.  Two Friday evenings and a Sunday afternoon.  Well, 3 is better than none and they do break up my regular routine.  Plus, if I was to go every day I might end up walking like those guys you see who’ve just ridden a horse and overexagerate the fact that they can’t close their legs when they walk.  The dang bike seat makes my butt sore.  I need some of those padded shorts!

 Anyway, I have now been going to the gym for almost 2 weeks (I’m big time, I know) and I see no end in sight, which is exciting.  The only think I don’t like about it is that I haven’t been able to go every day (because of work).  I’ma keep tryin though!  Dang it if I won’t squash this outter fat kid and return to simply having an inner fat kid…I like it that way.  I do, however, get to eat like a 16 year old boy when I work out though, and that’s great!

Quick update

I don’t have much time at all.  I started the new job this week.  So far I really like it, but it’s only been 3 days and I do feel pretty overwhelmed.  Monday was orientation all day.  Yesterday I came to work, got briefed a little, went to Long Island where we met with one of the clients and their new creative team, came back, got briefed a little more, then went to a dinner with one of the sales guys from one of the places we work with.  Today I have my first thing to do on my own, then I’m sure I’ll sit and “learn” more later.  Tonight after work I am going with 2 other girls from the team to get manis/pedis with some client.  I don’t know.  I think the dinner, the mani/pedis and the booze cruise tomorrow night that one of our clients is throwing (that I can’t go to because of prior plans – Justin Timberlake) are all the things I learned about in college that are unethical to accept.  Hmm. 

Rush hourS

This morning about 6am I was laying in bed listening to the splat of rain drops on my things and trying to ignore the entirely too close lightning strikes. I finally gained enough consciousness to decide I needed to get up and close my windows so my things didn’t get ruined. As soon as I did I realized how hot that really does make my sweat box of an apartment.

A storm came though with strong sideways rain that the trees in front of my apartment, uncharacteristically, didn’t block and very close, very loud, very violent lightning. It reminded me of being back in the south when a tropical storm rolls in. I am a very heavy sleeper and I rarely wake up for anything, so the fact that this storm not only woke me up, but kept me up says a lot.

Once I actually woke up and got going this morning I started hearing that commuting was about impossible. Apparently the storm flooded subways, basements, streets, and whatever else. People had been stuck in traffic for 3 hours and had had to walk across town to work because there was no subway, busses were too full to let people on, and taxis were all full. They’re the first resort before the busses, so that’s a given. I was talking to a friend who has been here for 2 years and she told me the only time since she’s been here that she’s seen it like today was during the mass transit strike about a year and a half ago. Crazy. I’m just glad I didn’t have to commute today.