Monthly Archives: September 2009

What if…

What if everywhere we went we had to do squats rather than simply walk?

What if we were allotted a limited number of questions to ask a day? (Would people become more proactive?)

What if no one could lie? (Would people still get their feelings hurt as easily?)

What if people were just blunt, rather than PC?

What if people read books more?

What if people didn’t worship/glorify Hollywood?

What if people felt a social responsibility?


Texans for Rick Perry, I do not support thee

At some point I somehow managed to get onto the Texans for Rick Perry mailing list. I think this was because when I was in college a friend worked for the campaign, asked me to sign up, I thought nothing of it, did and that was that. Apparently he is campaigning again because I have gotten several emails from Texans for Rick Perry over the last month or two. I have clicked on the unsubscribe link with every email. In fact, I even called one of the people who emailed me and asked to be removed. I just got another email and called Rick Perry’s office to ask to be removed. The girl I talked to said she would do it. Rick Perry, I don’t support you. I actually don’t live in Texas anymore and haven’t for more than half of your term in office. I don’t care to receive emails about you. I don’t care to vote for you. I believe under the Can Spam Act I can actually sue Texans for Rick Perry for continuing to receive these emails. Rick Perry, take me off your mailing list!

Booger Wiper

Someone has recently taken to wiping their boogers on the back of one of the bathroom stall doors at work. I mean, seriously, the toilet paper is right there! It’s really gross. I’m considering putting a note on the back of the stall door similar to these.

AF Booger Note
Booger Note
booger note 2

Or maybe I should just join in? Maybe said person would enjoy the help?


Tbf and I try to run in the mornings before work and the last month or so there have been catering trucks outside of one of the buildings we run by. This morning I told him I knew Silvercup was out by where we live and that I wonder if that’s the building the catering trucks are by. He said probably. Then, when we ran by, I noticed the HUGE Silvercup sign on top of the building. There’s also a big awning that says Silvercup on it. I have to have noticed those before and just forgotten, it’s so hard to miss. Now I wonder if we’ll ever see Alec Baldwin or Tina Fey – Silvercup shoots 30 Rock. They also shoot Gossip Girl – but the only person I know on that show is Michelle Trachtenberg. I guess she’d be exciting to see at 7am.


Girl Crushes

So I discovered Taylor Swift in 2007 and fell in love with her music. It is widely known among my friends that I want to hang out and be best friends. She’s so cute and seems so sweet and fun!


The other night on the Jay Leno show I watched because Jennifer Garner was on. Then she was on Ellen, so I DVR’d that. I definitely have a new girl crush. She’s so funny and sweet! I also want to be best friends with her. It could happen.

Jennifer Garner on Ellen

The Ellen video was way better than Jay’s – you can find it here.

Scariest Work Commute Ever


So last night I get home and my roommate proceeds to tell me about her commute home from work. She was standing on the subway platform and noticed a commotion behind her so she looked to see what it was and noticed a dark complected man standing on the tracks with his arms out like a T. Someone went to the station agent and told him he had to stop the train that was coming and my roommate, as I also would have, started freaking out. She heard the train coming and looked away…when she looked back, he was gone. She asked a guy by her if the train got him, but apparently it was the express train and he was on the local track. When she wasn’t looking, people had pulled him out. Not sure what happened to him after that.

But seriously, if that had happened to me, I would have thought I was going to die right there because of all the terrorism stuff that has been going on here. I wouldn’t have been able to think anything but suicide bomber. So. Scary!

Black Eyed Peas Flash Mob

This video is so cool. I meant to post it a while back, but am just now getting around to it. Watching it gave me chills. So cool that they could get such a huge crowd of people all to do this dance. They all had to be there the day before for rehearsals. My favorite part is an areal shot of the crowd splitting down the middle and moving back together.

I also love that Oprah seemingly had no idea. Yeah. Right.