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Hurricane Ike

So recently I had an aquaintance from college add me as a friend on facebook.  On Friday I made my status: “MissLissa is annoyed that people are freaking out in Houston…the same thing that happened in NO could never happen in Houston – especially from a category 2 storm!”  So then this person who had friended me wrote on my wall, “Not to be rude, but I have friends and family on Bolivar Penninsula who have 3-6 feet of water in their houses right now.  People are being helicoptered off roofs.  It is serious.”  What’s with the “not to be rude?”  That’s not rude, it’s a statement and his opinion…we’re all entitled to one.  I then replied, “Bolivar Penninsula is not Houston, it is practically in the ocean.  Anyone who lives there should know to evacuate.”  Then he defriended me. 

Um…not my problem that people on Bolivar Penninsula don’t have the common sense to evacuate.  Also, Houston is 50 feet above sea level.  New Orleans is 30 feet below.  I’m bewildered and actually quite amazed at the fact that he defriended me.  I mean, sure it sucks that their houses flooded and may have been destroyed, but do you not sign yourself up for that possibility when moving to a place like that or one of the barrier islands along the Texas coast?  Same thing with the Florida Keys.

Anyway, Ike went through Houston this weekend and caused a lot of damage to trees, fences and windows.  The flooding was less than was being predicted and there was no major loss of life.  People will clean up and life will go on as normal.  Maybe I’m cold and heartless, but I just don’t see Hurricane Ike as something catastrophic.  Lots of people lost power and now a lot of them have it back. 

Here are some cool pictures a friend of mine took in downtown Houston.


The Chase building…the tallest building in downtown Houston…windows all broken out.

What I did this weekend:

Sorry, no knitting this time.  Still working on the same shawl I’ve been working on for a few weeks.  I actually went out Saturday night for a friend’s birthday party…but now I’m sick.  :(  I also went to the Jets v. Patriot’s game yesterday and sat in the 15th row of the 40 yard line.  The seats were sick…and the game was a lot of fun.  I had a hard time picking who to root for because I wanted to root for the Jets because they’re a New York team, but my fantasy QB is now Cassel (since I had Brady and in my world he’s all but dead) and my defense is the Patriot’s D…also, I went to school with Wes Welker and I want to see him do well.  Ah well, either way it was fun.  Oh, and we sat by the old New York state governor George Pitaki.  I have no idea what his views or beliefs are, but I’d vote for him…his son was wearing a UT hat!  Hehe.

More Celeb Sighting…

I forgot to write about it…I guess that doesn’t say much about her…but a couple weeks ago in the Upper West Side I was out shopping with some friends and saw Aubrey O’Day walking with a guy.  He stopped to say hi to some girls we were walking past and she awkwardly crossed the street and waited there for him.  Oh, and her hair was dyed really dark.

Political Interests

In February, when the primaries were happening, I decided I should probably register to vote in New York.  I filled out the paper, sent it in and about a month later they sent me a paper saying I’d forgotten to sign my voter registration and that they needed me to sign the attached form and return it.  I did…and never heard back.  About a month ago I called the Board of Elections to find out if I was registered since I’d always received a voter registration card in the past, as confirmation.  They said that I was not in the system and to re-register.  That made me nervous because we are so close to November and we all know how slow government offices can be at times.  What if they lost my application again?

No fear!  I just went on the Board of Elections website where you can look up your registration status and I am on there — registered!  Yay!!  What a nerdy thing to be so excited about.

What I did this weekend:


Made for a neckwarmer exchange a knitting group I’m part of is having.  I’m mid-another project, but figured I should get this done and it only took me a few hours.  Good times.  Knitting and football.  I’m glad fall is back.

Models everywhere

Friday I went out for a late lunch and saw Lisa Jackson from America’s Next Top Model in Cosi, next door.

It’s Fashion Week and there are/have been models EVERYWHERE.  Betsy Johnson is in my building and one afternoon when I was getting in the elevator, a pack of tall, thin, long haired girls all dressed in black got out of the elevator.  They were all carrying portfolios.  I also see them on the sidewalk while walking to and from work/lunch/the subway.  They all look the same.  Tall, thin, long hair, black tight/skinny cut jeans, flowy top.  They all have big purses and their portfolios in one arm.  I went down to Soho last weekend and they were all over there too.  I didn’t notice all the models last year…but this year, they’re all over the place!