2006 Winter Olympics

I am addicted. Completely addicted. I am sitting in bed right now (still) watching the women’s figure skating short programs. The Olympics draw me in. I watch things I would not normally watch. Biathlon for example. I love figure skating though…always have. I am so excited that the women are finally on. I’ve already read articles online today about who’s in what place after this program. That’s one thing about the Olympics being so far away…you can find out what happens before it’s on tv. Oh well, I will still watch for the grace and elegance and beauty.

I don’t know what it is that draws me to the Olympics. Maybe it’s that the world’s best athletes are in competition. Maybe it’s that I get to see sports that aren’t normally available to watch. Maybe it’s the feeling of loyalty to my country and my inherent need to support my country. Who knows, maybe I just have nothing better to do. Either way, I have been glued to my tv and I have really enjoyed myself.


2 responses to “2006 Winter Olympics

  1. Oh my. I do know what you mean. I have this tendancy to watch random sports during the olympics. Especially if canada has a chance of winning a medal.

  2. Canada! Yeah!

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