Playing in the snow

I’m in another state for the weekend and I just got back from skiing for the first time ever.  Apparently I’m pretty decent for having never done it before.  I feel like my experience with competitive speed skating when I was young helped me a lot, I feel like all that skating made me more comfortable.  I did the “bunny hill” once and then did greens and blues.  I fell every time but other than my first time on a green I didn’t have any bad wipe outs.  I just kept getting to the point that I felt like I was going too fast and couldn’t slow down, so I would lose control after freaking myself out and fall, erm, gracefully. 

My first fall of the night was quite possibly the best.  I dove down face first and left a ski and both my poles scattered on the snow behind me.  Some little kid gave me one of my poles.  BF was my (as described so sweetly by him) “knight in shining armor.”  He stayed behind me most of the time to make sure I was ok and to pick me up when I fell.  I felt sort of bad because he is a good skier and didn’t really have the opportunity to take advantage of the night the way I feel like he should have been able to.  At first every time I fell I would laugh really hard; I was really uncomfortable.  Then I got more comfortable and less awkward feeling and quit laughing so ridiculously.  

One time we were on the ski lift and BF gave me a little kiss. I suppose skiing causes one to become statically charged because it shocked us both. What can I say, when we’re together sparks fly. Heh. Every time he tried to get close to me after that I got the lean in with the nose move. Haha.

All in all I had a really good time, but I can already feel that I am going to be really sore tomorrow.  It’s supposed to be really cold tomorrow, so we will see if we go out into town at all.   I’m ok with watching movies and hanging.  I really enjoyed playing in the snow though, I haven’t been able to do that as an adult.

Update: We did go into the city yesterday. We went bowling and out to dinner. Very fun. It wasn’t as cold as I expected, but today the temperature was 1 and in the negatives with the wind chill. Today I’m still sore from Saturday night. My obliques and the muscles down the back of my neck are what’s the most sore. I had an awesome weekend and it was SO nice to get out of the city for the weekend!


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